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About TotSites

We have received many questions asking how, and why TotSites was started...

TotSites initially started as a proud new Dad trying to share pictures of his new baby girl with friends and family without sending countless emails. The best way to solve this problem was to create an online website where he could upload photos and stories and give a link to friends and family. As the photos, stories, and home movies were updated, friends and family could visit the website and enjoy the memories on their own schedules.

It was not long before close friends realized the benefit of a personalized baby website and started asking for something similar for their children. After the 4th custom baby website, it became clear that this idea should be shared with everyone! An easy-to-use baby website service was created that contains many of the same features and benefits as a custom website.

If you have more questions for TotSites please don't hesitate to contact us. We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions!


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What people are saying...

"I love your service and it sure beats having to do a website on my own. My family is loving it already. I usually send photos to them by email but they never see all the pics I take of my girls b/c I don't want to bog down their email accounts. Now they can see all the pics that I want them to see without 100's of emails :-) You've done great work with your site, keep it up!"

M Brown