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If you're interested in advertising to a family friendly audience, TotSites is the answer. You can choose from 2 main areas to advertise:

Ad Serving: TotSites uses a fully integrated ad serving solution that allows you to track impressions/clicks ,assign pageviews for specific days, and assign display limits. In addition we support third party tracking tools.

Price: We are currently running a special for new advertisers. Any first time advertiser can buy impressions at $5 CPM (per thousand impressions).

If you're interested in advertising with TotSites please contact us.

Content Limitations - The following advertising categories are NOT accepted on TotSites

  • Advertising which promotes products or services that might be deemed physically harmful to expectant mothers, new mothers, or babies. The restrictions include such items as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any related goods.
  • Advertising that is pornographic, sexually explicit or violent in nature.
  • Advertising content that is deemed to be false, misleading.

* If you are a non-profit organization, advertising fees may be waived. Contact us today to see if you qualify.