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Archive for March, 2010

TotSites and Facebook finally working together!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Nowadays who doesn’t have a Facebook account or at least hasn’t heard of it?

Over the years we have had the chance to talk with new Parents and hear what they like, don’t like, and flat out NEED (more time + sleep).

The cool thing about TotSites is that it’s a private “memory locker” of sorts that allows you to create and share a digital Keepsake to chronicle your Baby’s or Family’s life. Every photo, fun fact, growth chart, home video of the “first steps” and of course all the fun comments from close friends and family is located in one easy to find collection. Mom, Dad, and invited friends and family have immediate access to see how cute your baby is anywhere they have Internet access. (You can also order a  Keepsake CD for viewing offline!). Unlike Facebook, TotSites allows you to easily save all those “firsts” that you will always want to remember in one organized location.

At the same time, we know that Facebook offers you the option to network and connect with nearly an infinite number of past acquaintances. Many Parents use Facebook for a multitude of personal uses and additionally to share the occasional picture of Baby. Keeping in mind that Parents are always looking for ways to create more free time, we decided it might be a good idea to allow you to link your TotSite to your Facebook account. This way you can still add all your private memories to TotSites while selectively choosing which ones you also want on Facebook and then let us post to your Facebook wall. Now you can upload ONCE and publish to both sites.

- Selectively choose what to keep private on your TotSite and what to also publish on Facebook.

- Optionally publish Photos, Journals, and alerts you add to your TotSite on your Facebook wall.

To enable Facebook with your TotSite:

  1. Login to your TotSite
  2. Click on the “Share” tab
  3. Look for the Facebook Link
  4. Once you are on the TotSites Facebook page follow the 4 steps to link your Facebook account
    1. Turn on Facebook
    2. Connect with Facebook
    3. Give TotSites permission to publish on your wall (we will ONLY post what you explicitly tell us to)
    4. Optionally give TotSites offline access so we can publish on Facebook without you first logging in to your Facebook account.

Our goal is to help you better separate your private vs. public memories as well as save you precious time! We hope the new Facebook integration is one step towards accomplishing this goal.

If you have comments or feedback please let us know!

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Toys DesignHi Everyone!

We’re happy to tell you that we have not one but two new themes ready to go!

First up is a design for all TotSites members. We know some of you have asked for more “basic” designs, and we think this one fulfills that need… with a twist. The new Toys Design has a very simple layout with a big bold title that ensures your tot will be the center of attention. However, we’re giving you the flexibility to choose from 7 different color schemes. Choose from mint, teal, blueberry, pink, banana, violet, or orange, and make the basic design special to your tot!

Rain DesignOur second new design is for Premium members only. We know many of you have had a harsh winter, so here’s hoping things warm up soon. Perhaps the new Rain Design will bring some spring showers to us soon (those in the Southern Hemisphere may think of this as a nice autumn design too ;) ).

Enjoy these two new themes, and look for some new ideas in the coming months.