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TotSites Features

Interested in what TotSites can do for you? We will help you share the joy of your little one with your friends and family in a variety of ways. Try TotSites for FREE and enjoy all the features list below:

High Quality Themes / Designs

We are proud to offer unique designs with exceptional quality and creativity. The best way to understand what we mean is to experience them for yourself by viewing our adorable designs.

Share your Stories / Journal

Leave a daily journal or specific fun stories and facts about your child for you and invited friends and family to read. You can add stories as often as you like so your friends and family can live the experience too!

Connect with Facebook

Add all your private memories to TotSites while having the option to selectively choose which ones you also want on Facebook and then let us post to your Facebook wall. Now you can upload ONCE and publish to both sites saving you time while creating a one-stop keepsake for your child's life with TotSites. Read More

Online Baby Polls

Let your visitors interact with your Website in a fun and exciting way. Create questions and possible answers to see how well your friends and family know you or your Tot!

Password Protect

If you don’t want just anyone seeing your child’s information you can add a private password to your website. Only allow those people you trust to view your child’s information, photos and videos.

Gift Registries

Instead of sending out endless copies and copies of baby shower gift lists, birthday gift lists or any other special occasion gift lists simply link to an online registry for others to use. (Examples: ToysRUS, BabiesRUs etc..)

Growth Chart

Keep track of how your little one grows to share with friends and family. Continually add to the growth chart to help build a wonderful keepsake!

Visitor Counter

Keep track of how many people come to visit your website by day, month and all time.

Photo Slideshows

Each photo gallery comes with a built in slide show. Friends and family can sit back and enjoy viewing all your adorable photos.

Choose your Format

Choose the date and measurement formats that you are familiar with. Choose between Standard (Pounds, Inches) or Metric (Centimeters, Kilograms) so your visitors will understand and can easily relate.

Share and Print your Photos

You can easily upload and manage your photos on your website and add descriptions for others to enjoy. Optionally you can link your TotSites account with Facebook and upload select photos to share on publically on Facebook while keeping. We also offer a photo printing allowing you and others you authorize to order those adorable prints!

Share your Home Video Clips

Upload clips of your home movies for everyone to enjoy. From the first ultrasound, to the first steps make sure everyone is able to enjoy the precious moments.

Print + Digital Keepsake

Order a print book of your photos, journals, comments and more. Alternatively you can order your entire digital keepsake on CDROM.

Share Audio / Music

You can upload sounds clips including the recording of the first time you heard the heart beat! You can also add your favorite songs for friends and family to listen to while enjoying your website.


Your friends and family can leave their comments and congratulations for you and your baby or toddler.

Automated Alerts

Friends and family can signup for "TotSites Alerts". Once a week they will receive automated reminders to come and visit your TotSite if you made updates. What a great way to keep everyone involved and up-to-date on your personalized website.

Fun Facts / MileStones

Our children grow up extremely fast. Make a point to record all those fun moments: first time rolling over, first steps, first word... all with your personalized TotSite. TotSites is a wonderful way to share the smiles with friends and family.

Multiple Children

You can add multiple children to your TotSite. No need to create different web sites to track and manage each child. Simply store all your treasures in one place to share with friends and family.

Easy Management

We understand you have many things to do besides building your website. That is why we have created simple and easy to use tools to simply the process. From drag and drop photo arrangements, to easy edit journal tools and much more!

Grow Template

As your child gets older you may want to change the layout and feel of your site. With a simply click you can make your entire website look different. You can also edit, add or delete any content or photos you have previously uploaded.

Only TotSites allows your website to grow with your child!

Want to learn more? Try TotSites now and experience the features firsthand!

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