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The Mom Bag: Moving on from the Diaper Bag

There comes a time for all mothers when they move beyond the diaper bag and into the real haul of motherhood – the mom bag. When you’re hauling around a baby, you’re hauling around all of the gear the baby will need during the course of the day. Diapers, changes of clothing, blankets, pacifiers, bottles and food. When you’re dealing with a toddler, not a baby, his needs change and your bag will change right along with it.

Most toddler moms don’t carry diaper bags anymore. They carry mom bags. And what is a mom bag? It’s a bag that holds everything you need to be a mom. The mom bag is usually huge and it’s hardly ever organized. Instead it’s a collection of stuff ranging from small cars and Barbie barrettes to receipts and a pair of dirty socks to an emergency pull-up and a dry pair of underpants.

The Mom Bag in Real Life
We’d all like to be fashion plates and carry chic designer handbags, but you can barely fit a lipstick in there, much less a plastic bag full of cheese crackers and a juice box you might need later in the day. That’s not to say Mom bags can’t be stylish and even stunning. Large shoulder bags are always in fashion one way or another, and it’s probably because even the designers know that toting a pack of wipes over your shoulder is just as important as having a designer logo.

Tips for Mom Bags
When you realize that you’re ready to move on from diaper bags to mom bags, scout your closet first to see if you have a giant tote you can use that is stylish on its own and functional as well. If you don’t, hit the stores looking for something you’d be happy to carry as a fashionable woman – not just a mom looking for function.

When you find the big stylish tote, take it home and start loading it up. You’ll need all of the regular items that go into a purse including your cell phone, wallet, make-up, aspirin, tissues and calendar. In addition, throw in a small package of wipes and lay an emergency diaper at the bottom of the bag. The diaper will ride with you until long after potty training is complete as you never want to be caught without one in an emergency. Wipes will live in your household even longer as they have so many wonderful functions with children.

In addition to the basics of a diaper or two and wipes, you’ll add other items only on certain occasions. The mom bag is capable of holding discarded toys that just had to be held as the preschooler walked out of the house but then are sacrificed about five minutes later. The mom bag can also hold a few juice boxes and snack packs of various crackers and treats to avoid paying outrageous prices for snacks at the zoo or wherever you happen to be that day. Of course, after potty training, you’ll find yourself with a pair or two of underpants and emergency changes of clothes as well.

The contents of the mom bag will add up over time and the mess will require regular cleaning. The best time to clean a mom bag is in the car when you’re digging for something on the bottom of the bag or just before you’re getting ready to leave the house as you search for the keys that should have landed right on top of everything else.

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