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5 Favorite Pregnancy Activities

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. You’re glowing and full of the wonder of growing a new life. That’s not to say pregnancy can’t be a trying time. Forty weeks is a very long time to be uncomfortable, and even the easiest pregnancies can be problematic at times with swollen feet and indigestion. Thanks to these occasional, and sometimes persistent, problems, many women find they develop favorite habits during these nine months.

Pregnancy hits many women like a sledge hammer. They go from feeling excited and full of life to being absolutely exhausted. All the time. Sleep is critical, especially in the first few months of pregnancy when your body is worn out and your baby is growing and developing in such huge leaps and strides. Sleep can take all forms. Stretch out in bed at night. Stretch out the recliner in the mornings. Close your eyes and doze in the vanpool on the way to work. Just keep letting those Z’s add up.

The weight you’re supposed to gain in pregnancy is almost unbelievable when you’ve just taken a pregnancy test. What you learn only later during pregnancy is not only are you gaining thirty or more pounds, you’re also the victim of weakening joints. So you feel every ounce of that weight when you walk or stand for a long time. For this reason, many women turn to swimming as a way to work off some of the stress of the day, get some exercise and not have to worry about straining their joints or their back. You don’t even have to swim. Simply walking in the pool is terrific exercise that won’t hurt your joints while you do it.

Pregnancy can do some crazy things to your night dreams, but most pregnant moms enjoy their daydreams just as much. It’s fun to dream of your unborn child and start imagining all of the things you’ll be doing together. You can be anywhere when a good daydream strikes. Buy a box of cereal and you might dream of finger foods some day. Turn on the television and picture everyone cuddling up for family movie nights. The dreams are one of the most entertaining parts of pregnancy – especially when you’re not feeling well that day.

Lying Down
If you slept every time you laid down, you’d miss some of the best parts of pregnancy. Lay on your left side starting in the second trimester and start counting kicks and movements. At first your baby bounces about like a butterfly. But by forty weeks, he’s moving like a soccer player. Swift kicks to the ribs aside, this movement makes it all so magical as you feel him grow and thrive inside you.

Document (TotSites anyone!!!)
It seems like an eternity at the time, but you also realize pregnancy will seem like just a moment once your baby arrives. Many mothers choose to fill this time documenting their experiences and memories during the pregnancy. Pictures, journals and simple notes will suffice but other moms go on to do statues, paintings and casts to illustrate the changes in their bodies and their growing child.

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