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Simple Ways to Ease Labor Pain
by Rebecca Garland

When you think about it, labor is simple. Your uterus beings involuntary muscle contractions that help your baby descent through the birth canal and out into the world. A few well-timed pushes will speed things up at the end. If you can just control yourself through the contractions, you can easily survive a natural childbirth. While this is easy enough in theory, actual labor – especially those unpredictable uterine contractions – are a bit more complicated.

That’s not to say natural childbirth or just an easier labor while you wait on your epidural is impossible. With the right amount of focus, a decent threshold for discomfort and pain, and few tricks to keep that pain as manageable as possible, you might just be able to keep labor as simple as it should be.

Easing Labor Pain
Every woman experiences labor in a slightly different way. Some women report that labor is different with each child, which others find that the physical aspects are similar. With so many variables

in your labor, you should try as many different things as possible to manage the pain. Relying on a single technique such as breathing or hypnosis might not be enough as you never truly know what to expect when the first pangs of labor arrive. Try as many techniques as possible. You never know what your body will respond to best under the circumstances.

Deep Breathing
Deep breaths not only help get oxygen to the baby, they naturally relax you. The more relaxed you are, the less painful contractions will seem. If you’re tense, your muscles are tense. Involuntary muscle spasms in an already tense body will seem much worse than dealing with a single contraction in a state of relaxation – or as close as you can get to it.

Many women find that movement helps to control the pain. Pacing, bouncing or rolling on a birthing ball, sitting up, laying down, rolling from side to side, and stretching might all help to keep the pain more manageable.

Walking has been shown to help labor along. Walking helps baby descend into the pelvis which should bring on more intense contractions. But the movement and exercise might also help to keep that pain from those contractions less intense. Also, having the baby more quickly will at least make the pain more tolerable simple because labor is shorter.

Rhythmic Motion
Getting into a rhythm might help to alleviate the pain. Rocking and swaying have helped many women with labor pains. Rocking in a rocking chair or glider seems to be especially helpful to many women as it puts them almost into a zone or trancelike state.

Chanting, humming, singing and listening to music all help to calm women down as they labor. Of course others find that the extra sounds are irritating rather than distracting or relaxing. If this is the case, find a white noise machine to help create a calm and soothing environment.

Submerging yourself in warm water will reduce pressure and pain. Many women labor for hours in the tub or shower. The warm water helps to keep them relaxed. Some women enjoy the water so much they actually deliver in the tub. Of course, you’d want to plan this in advance and have proper medical supervision.

Once labor is over Baby will be here! Be sure to share your bundle of joy using your personalized baby and pregnancy website.

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