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Everything you wanted to know about Partnering with TotSites!

TotSites is looking for high quality online and offline Partners to help spread the word. We believe in a win-win strategy that is more than simple "compensation for marketing". TotSites is looking to enhance the business for both itself and it's partners. If you are a current partner you can access the Partner Portal Here.

Why Partner with TotSites?

example partner regionOn average, TotSites members login to their account 3 times per week. When someone you refer logs into their TotSites account, they will see a dedicated section for your business, store, or website. This space can be a highlight, a special promotion or simply act as a persistent brand for your store. Repeated exposure will result in repeat and loyal customers. You can update your message as often as you like!

  • - You can update your ad space as often as you like with graphics or simply text.
  • - Sizes can be up to 250 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.
  • - If you need help with your message or ad, creative services are available for a nominal fee.

More than the exposure - you will earn a referral fee for every TotSites Premium member you refer!

We also offer bulk pricing for our Premium accounts. In this manner you can give the gift of TotSites to your customers. If you are in a competitive market, giving a Premium TotSite can work as a great incentive for customers to choose your store or service.

How do I promote TotSites?

If you have an online store we can provide you with TotSites banners and specialized links with build-in tracking. When someone follows one of these links they will automatically be added to your brand.

For local stores, we can provide you with postcards to hand out to your customers with a dedicated coupon code. New TotSites signups will receive a special discount if they choose to signup for a Premium account in addition to signing up under your brand.

Get started today - Free and Easy!

Starting your TotSites partnership is simple - email to get started today! When submitting your request, please include the following items:

  1. Name of your Company
  2. Website URL
  3. How you plan to Promote TotSites
  4. Contact information: Name, Address, Phone and Email

Thank you for your interest in TotSites!


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