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" I just had to tell you I came upon your website and it was exactly what I was looking for to introduce our new baby girl to family and friends. I was pleasantly suprised with how easy the site is to navigate thru and use! Perfect for busy moms! I had to say kudos to you and i LOVE totsite! I look forward to sharing many memories over the coming years! And keep the new designs coming!! "

Phil & Amy - Concord, NH

"Hello, I just love TotSites! I have 2 boys, 18 months apart and have been a TotSite member for almost a year. I have had over 2000 visitors to my page and I love writing journals about my boys. Itís great to share this with family and friends. Thank you TotSites."

Kerry - UK

"Just wanted to give you all some feedback on the site. It is absolutely marvelous! Initially I shared it with just family & friends that were out of town but word soon spread to local family & friends. Everyone just loves it. Thanks to all those involved in giving us such a cutting edge product (and a free one too) where our little ones can shine. I can hardly wait for my one year old to get old enough to add her very own comments. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! "

Deborah G. - Houston, TX

"I have been using Totsites for my kids for almost a year. We have family spread through out the states and they cant get enough of our cute websites. As of today we have had over 2500 views!!! Thanks TOTSITES for the great choices and professional look of the website. Keep it up. Our family plans to use this for years to come. "

Rachael H. - Denver, CO

"I just wanted to say a huge congratulations and thank you. I just love our little baby website and now my sister who is newly pregnant has a Totsite for her little bubba. I love all the new designs. Keep up the good work."

Jane and baby Oliver, Melbourne Australia

"I LOVE TOTSITES!!! It's the best way to keep family and friends up to date. Many of them check the site daily because it's so easy to update. The help center is the best tech support I've ever dealt with and they take our ideas and put them to action. This site ROCKS!!!"

Rhonda - Binghamton, NY

"I love the totsite so much! Living hundreds of miles away from my family it is great having this resource! Family and friends can watch the videos and see all the latest photos and read the new highlites! Thank you so much! Kellie Mother of 11 month old twins!"

Cody & Kellie - Martin, LA

"I love your site! You make it really easy for me to build and maintain a website for my baby, with all kinds of fun links and tools. My visitors love it! I''ve had over 300 hits in only a couple of weeks! Please don't ever shut down!"

Melissa - UT

"My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and he has yet to meet our son. I have to thank you for the great service that you have provided us with totsites. He always says that he feels like he isn't missing as much because he can see updated photos right away and read about what he's doing. Thanks!"

Amy - Jacksonville, NC

"What a great service! Thank you so much for all that you do. Our family is all over the country and thanks to your service we are able to share our son's milestones with everyone. Webpage designers deserve a special "thank you" for the details added!"

C. Kettering

"I must tell you that I just have too much fun creating our Totsite. I checked out several different "create your own baby website" sites when we started. For the price, this is by far the best I found. I love all the different designs and the falling things on the latest holiday designs are great. It's also nice that you keep updating and improving the site. Thanks! Keep up the great work!"

Lisa - Central Point, OR

"I love all your designs! I enjoy picking from a variety of different themes every month. It keeps my website interesting! Also, you have a great support team that follows up quickly."

T. Miller - Escondido, CA

"You know, I never normally write this kind of email. However, I feel compelled to write and tell you just what I think. The service you have given me over the last 9 months or so has been, really, second to none. Thank you so much for your personal care and attention you have shown throughout. You are truly, one of the good guys. Thank you pal."

Charlie - Oxford, England

"I live in the USA with my family still living in the UK. Finally we have found an easy way for us to stay in touch visually, and they no longer have to miss out on the boys growing up. A video is worth a thousand words or photos, but they can get it all here! I have been congratulated at having such a fun, professional looking site many times. Thank you Totsites for making the world just a little smaller! "


"I just wanted to rave about your site! I have been searching for 6 months for an affordable site where I could upload my pictures easily and that has good templates. I finally found it! Thank you so much! Amanda"

Amanda - CT

"I have had 100% satisfaction from Brian who has been friendly, helpful and patient. I love the things I can do on here and overseas family love it too, it's just the coolest thing i've found in a very long time!!! Keep up the wonderful work!"


"I'm amazed at how simple you have made things for us to use and yet still allow a very sophisticated looking finished product. I especially appreciate the automatic resizing of photographs. It's fantastic!"


"I love your service and it sure beats having to do a website on my own. My family is loving it already. I usually send photos to them by email but they never see all the pics I take of my girls b/c I don't want to bog down their email accounts. Now they can see all the pics that I want them to see without 100's of emails :-) You've done great work with your site, keep it up!"

M Brown

"We had tried a couple other baby websites before finding totsites.com, and their customer service was horrible. totsites.com 's customer service has been absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful I found this site, and I have gotten so many complements!"

Emily - IL

"Thank you so very much! Your site is just wonderful...we're having such a great time with it. Thanks for your attention to detail."

K. Duluoz - WA

"We love the ease and accessiblity of Totsites. With the ability to upload and group pictures, write journal entries, and keep vital stats in one place, Totsites has been a saving grace for the expectant and new parents! Our family and friends (even the ones overseas) are able to just click to one place to view the newest updates on our little one and leave their own comments for the entire family. Great job on the site!"

A. Otis - Kenmore, WA

"I loved how Totsites allowed me to share my newborn with family back home in Canada."

A. Goodwin - Woodinville, WA

"As a new parent I can't tell you how easy TotSites makes it to brag about our new baby. Instead of emailing everyone pictures all I have to do is simply upload the photos and give everyone the same link. Then they can read about the adventures of our new treasure and even leave their own comments!"

T. Kehoe - Portland, OR

"We received TotSites as a baby shower gift. What a fabulous idea. It's something that is easy to use and enjoyed by all"

L. Counter - San Jose, CA

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