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Ameya Isabella
Ellison Theodore

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6.5.11 - Ameya's birthday was a blast!  We were rained out, but rented a tent to give the kids some dry outdoor time.  A kiddie pool filled with balls in the livig room became the center of the party for almost 10 babies and toddlers.  Thanks to everyone who came out despite the terrible weather!

Ellison is on the verge of a few firsts - his first tooth is trying to surface, he's balancing well and sitting for short periods of time, and spends most of his time trying to crawl!  He also recently got his first taste of solid food, and so far is loving avocado, bananas, and apple sauce. 



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Did you know... Ameya Isabella's first smile was on 07/04/2009 more fun facts
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For most parents, the idea of dropping your child off someplace to be cared for by someone else is one of the most gut-wrenching, guilt-ridden feelings you'll experience in those first few years.  I have been lucky to have been home with Ameya everyday for 18 months.  It is an incredible c ...