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Alexandra Rae
  Quick Facts

As of 04/08/2009:

 Weight: 15 lbs.
 Height: 27.5 in.

97th% for height, 25th% for weight at 6mo old!


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Who does Ally Rae look like?

Hello from the Huffman family! We sure are in love with our little Ally Rae and hope you enjoy watching her grow!

Did you know... Alexandra Rae Huffman's first tooth was on 05/01/2009 more fun facts
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 Last Journal Entry :
So much has been going on in little Alexandra's world, I'm not even sure where to start or the order in which it has all happened! Thank goodness for baby's first year calendars so I can record everything. It's hard to believe that so few months are left in that first year! Over Memorial Day weeken ...