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Introduction: Depression is one of the common mental disorders found in one-fourth of the population. Depression occurs mostly due to failures which we are not able to accept. The primary symptoms of depression are a loss of appetite, sadness, mental trauma, low energy, showing disinterest, improper sleep, etc. Depression can also be genetic. There are many types of medications for depression it can be expensive. So, there are some simple home remedies as mentioned on

  1. Green Tea – It is rich in psychoactive properties, and it helps to remove blood barrier. It helps to reduce stress. We need to take one cup boiling water and add a green tab to it. Take green tea along with breakfast in the morning. Greet tea is also healpgul in losing belly fat as said by fogut over here.
  2. Meditate- Meditation is critical in depression, it helps the brain to rest, relax. Meditation requires a quiet place and some time. During meditation mobile phone should be switched off, no other person should be there. There should be complete silence.
  3. Chamomile tea- Chamomile tea is rich in a chemical which contributes to relaxing properties. Thirty minutes before going to bed take chamomile tea along with milk and honey. It helps the brain to relax and rest.  The method to prepare tea is by boiling water and adding two teaspoons of dried chamomile and leave it for five minutes. After that add milk and honey as per your taste.
  4. Vitamins B- Vitamin plays a critical role in the brain; if there is lack of vitamin B, it can impact the brain. Vitamins B is present in meat and people who are vegetarian and old people who have a digestive problem can have vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B should be included in the diet so that it can help the brain to grow and relax.
  5.  MagnesiumMagnesium is essential for our brain. It is rich in minerals. Magnesium-rich diet includes one ounce of dry roasted almonds, half cup of cooked black beans, and one medium size banana, half cup of boiled spinach and one cup of soymilk. Magnesium helps the brain to receive sufficient minerals.
  6. Pumpkin Seeds- Pumpkin Seeds are rich are rich in fats and magnesium, both of which can help to relax the mind and feel light. Regular intake of a cup of pumpkin seeds in a day with salt gives a boost to brain and mind. 
  7. Kava- Kava is a natural ingredient. Kava helps to calm neurological activity in the brain and helps the mind to relax. It also helps in muscle relaxation, provides proper sleep, relaxes mood. Kava root could be in the form of tea; it also comes in pills or liquid form.

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Conclusion: If the illness level is at the initial level, home remedies can be very beneficial. The solutions can provide peace of mind and relaxation. Along with the remedies, exercise is very essential, proper sleep is required, to provide rest to both brain and mind. Be exposed to natural light, eat the right food, and make your environment lively. Always be in the company of people whom you think as friends and with whom you can discuss your happiness and grief.

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