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Capt'n Robert
  Quick Facts

Born: 10/10/2007
Time: 05:15 pm
Place: Presbyterian Matthews
Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz
Length: 22 in

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Hello family and friends!

Our little boy turns TWO this Saturday! Where has the time gone?! And he's having a pirate party this year; argh! Check out the photos page to see pictures of Robert's early b-day present, as well as us preparing for Halloween 2009! Laughing

Love, Bob, Jen & Robert

Did you know... Robert D. Aycock IV's first bath was on 10/15/2007 more fun facts
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Robert got an early birthday present on Sunday! A 4-month-old Great Dane puppy!  That's right - a BIG puppy! We got her from a friend whose other dog wasn't as fond of the pup as we are... After church, we picked Robert up from GG & Papa and took him to meet the dog. He was so excited a ...