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Sooooooo happy to be home!!! Check out my rolls! Aren

Hello, friends and family! Welcome to my TotSite! Please visit us often. My Mom and Dad will try to update my site as often as possible.

Lots of love and squishy hugs and kisses! Don't forget to sign my guestbook!!! Smile

Did you know... Robyn-Ashley turned 2 years old today! 11/11/2010 more fun facts

Last Journal Entry
I don't know why my parents don't understand what I'm trying to say sometimes. For example, when I say "Suce! Suce!" I want my suce (soother). "Shoes! Shoes!" means I want my shoes ...
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Quick Facts

Born: 11/11/2008
Time: 02:52 pm
Place: Toronto, Ontario
Weight: 2 lbs 3 oz

Gabbin' With Gary
What Will Robyn-Ashley do for an Encore?
Today we witnessed an incredible event. Some might call it amazing, others miraculous or unbelievable. Perhaps jaw-dropping is more appropriate, and I doubt we'll see it again any time soon. But maybe Robyn-Ashley will surprise yet again. I, for one, would not be shocked... A9