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Baby Preneil
  Quick Facts

Born: 11/29/2005
Time: 03:30 am
Place: Parklane Clinic
Weight: 2 lbs 2118 oz
Length: 17.7165 in

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I never got the chance

to hear you cry,

to hold your hand

to tickle your toes.

I never got the chance

to hold you close to my heart,

or to my breast,

and watch you feed.

I will never get the chance

to see your beautiful smile,

to look into your sparkling eyes,

to hear you say your first word.

I will never see your joy

when you blow out your candles on your birthday cake,

or your face light up

when you open your gifts.

I will never watch you

go to school and meet new friends,

or help you with your homework,

or even study for exams.

Not even will I get

to hear of your first love

I can just imagine my son,

and what a lucky girl she would have been.

I will never get the chance

to see you marry one day

or share in your joy

at the birth of your children.

I am grateful though

for what I have,

the memory of you my child

growing inside my body.

The memory of your face,

so perfect, sweet and innocent;

and the overwhelming love

a mother has for her child.

Your death

has changed me forever,

I no longer fear for the day I will die,

but will live each day as my last,

knowing that we will,

one day,

be together.

I will get the chance then to be with you, my baby, my child, my son.

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To My Baby Angel,Happy Birthday my angel, you are a big boy today, 2years.  I only wish that we could celebrate your birthday.  The pain in my heart has never gone away, but I have just learnt to deal with it, although it hurts as much as I did the very fist day.Hope you are looking down u ...