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Bring the Theme Park to Your Backyard this Summer
posted on 03/01/2014

It's sizzling hot, school's out, and, oh ... you volunteered to organize the annual summer block party for your neighborhood. It's time to pull a plan together, but how can you keep several dozen kids happy while the grownups attend to the barbecue? What about ways to cool off in the heat? And where are you going to find a chair for everyone?

Have you ever considered a "theme park" party? Especially if the nearest actual theme park is miles away, you can bring the happy games, food and memories to the safety of the neighborhood. 

One way to streamline planning a theme park party is to use a rental company that specializes in activities and concessions for outdoor parties. They can help you with those extras that will make your party a smash hit.

Keep the Kids Happy with Theme Park-Style Attractions

No theme park would be complete without a "ride" or attraction. Sure ... a roller coaster might be out of the question, but a water slide will keep the kiddos occupied for hours, not to mention tamp down complaints of "it's so hot out!" Just don't forget the sunscreen!

The classic best moonwalk rentals Indianapolis IN still a favorite with young kids and will give them another place to exhaust that energy on party day. Bounce houses come in incredible designs: Would you like a castle? A sports theme? A tropical island? How about a combo so the kids can bounce and slide down the water slide at the same time. There is something for everyone.

Sweet and Salty Treats for Rent

Another essential for a theme park day is the food! Besides the barbecue or hamburgers, add a few food concession rentals. How about a popcorn machine? No worry about spills -- just let the birds take care of the extra kernels. 

When the mercury rises, everyone loves a tasty snow cone. You can rent a machine that'll make mounds of snow, and rental companies can supply just about every flavor you can think of, regular and sugar-free. 

The cotton candy machine is a classic -- everyone has sweet memories of eating fluffy, sticky cotton candy at a theme park. A cotton candy machine will give your guests that same experience.

Your rental company can show you how to operate these machines, and they're more reliable for large parties than units made for at-home use. Making treats for bunches of people is no problem -- the machines are powered for volume!

Don't Forget the Essentials

Does anyone really have folding chairs for a crowd of 50? Forget trying to rally every card table and lawn chair in the neighborhood: Rental companies can provide chairs and tables for virtually any size party, and can provide setup and break-down as well. It's just one more detail you won't have to think about.

A tent or canopy is another item you should consider. If your party area has little or no natural shade, a tent will give your guests a place to escape the sun, making your party that much safer and more comfortable.

With a little help from your local party experts, a theme park in the backyard doesn't have to be an organizing nightmare! Make a dream come true with a few well-chosen rentals and supplies for a party that no one will soon forget.

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