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Abigail's first Valentines Day is almost here. We're looking forward to handing out all the cards we made with her handprint. I bet the family and friends will be surprised!

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1234I played outside in the snow for the first time. I had so much fun and Mom even helped me throw a snowball at Dad!

I'm told that next year I won't get nearly as much help. I better start learning how to pack those snow balls! Dad was glad to make the snow angel even though I am sure the ground was cold!


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Abby learned what a pain it is to move. Not only was she just born but her parents decided to subject her to moving. She handled it quite well and even managed to give everyone a few smiles. Yup, princess Abby is starting to smile =)

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This marks the first official entry into the Story section of Abby's site. In the past 3 weeks we have been amazed at how fast baby girls learn to wrap Dad around their little fingers. I find myself doing just about anything to make her happy and she can't even ask for anything direct yet! Hard to explain in words which many of you can relate with if you have kids =).

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