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Punt Hire in Cambridge

Once utilized mainly as a method of transferring freight across the Thames, punts are now a crucial part of the Cambridge way of life for an entirely different reason. The Cambridge punt has now ended up being synonymous with leisure, and numerous tourists decide to while away the hours unwinding on the River Cam.

River Punting

Two alternatives are offered to the traveler. The very first is a Cambridge punt hire that they can man themselves, while the second is without a doubt the most relaxing method - driver punts Cambridge. Let your punter pick you up from the Cambridge driver punt pick up point and get you on a leisurely meander; winding through the twists and turns of these famous old rivers.

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Punting Picnics

Should you prefer, you could always pack a picnic to delight in as part of your day out in this gorgeous part of the world. This is a specifically great way to spend an afternoon, and some would consider nourishment important if one is performing the punting oneself. After all, punting Cambridge to Grantchester is sufficient to provide anybody an appetite!

Cambridge Punting Prices

Punting in Cambridge rates vary from company to business and are likewise based on the duration of the hire. A Cambridge punting trips twelve-seater punt can be pre-booked for less than ??? 100 when being utilized on a weekday or a Sunday, while smaller groups may enjoy the use of the a lot more intimate six-seater. These smaller punts might be found in Cambridge for about 75GBP per day.

Punting Cambridge Opening Times

Again, this will largely rely on the company you decide to go punting with. Lots of operate throughout the day, from early morning tours right through to the completely romantic evening tours down the River Cam.

Celebratory Punting Tours

Increasingly more people are selecting the beautiful surrounding available in Cambridge to celebrate landmark events in their lives. Some companies currently offer wedding day punts for the whole wedding celebration, with an especially decked out Groom and bride boat for the happy couple.

Hen party trips are also available should you wish to have your last hours of freedom on the water, and wine tasting and also cocktails show popular with those who wish to commemorate their birthdays in style.

Whatever the factor for hiring a punt in Cambridge, you are sure to delight in the idyllic landscapes and the gentle appeal that this part of East Anglia needs to offer.


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