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Born: 08/04/2008
Time: 12:46 am
Place: Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Weight: 6 lbs 12 oz
Length: 19 1/2 in

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What's Carly's favorite song to sing?
Bringing Home a Baby Bummble Bee
Itsy Bitys Spider
Wheels on the Bus
The Good Morning Song

Welcome to Carly's Blog. With our friends and family so spread out John and I figured the best way to keep everyone updated on Carly's growth would be to create a blog so we can share pictures and strories. Be sure to check back on all Carly's changes!

Did you know... Carly had her first overnight in Keene and got to stay with Uncle Jesse, Auntie Marcy and Cousin Gilly 08/22/2008 more fun facts
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Well…. The count down is on! 77 days, or 11 wks until … Mr
Man’s comes! … NOT THAT WERE COUNTING! Carly asks daily how many more days until the baby comes…
and answers her own question with an “I think 3 more days”. We try to explain
to h ...