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Born: 08/04/2008
Time: 12:46 am
Place: Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Weight: 6 lbs 12 oz
Length: 19 1/2 in

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What's Carly's favorite song to sing?
Bringing Home a Baby Bummble Bee
Itsy Bitys Spider
Wheels on the Bus
The Good Morning Song

Welcome to Carly's Blog. With our friends and family so spread out John and I figured the best way to keep everyone updated on Carly's growth would be to create a blog so we can share pictures and strories. Be sure to check back on all Carly's changes!

Did you know... Carly Grace's first time having a shower was 03/06/2009 more fun facts
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Well…. The count down is on! 77 days, or 11 wks until … Mr
Man’s comes! … NOT THAT WERE COUNTING! Carly asks daily how many more days until the baby comes…
and answers her own question with an “I think 3 more days”. We try to explain
to h ...