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Clash Royale tournaments reach soon
posted on 07/06/2016

Earlier this year, Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans launched Clash Royale, a strategy game that has had a scandalous success. On users of both Android, and iOS.

Recently, we learned that in Supercell - recently acquired by Tencent - are working on a new game mode:the tournaments.

The tournaments will be a form of play with next update

If you do not know what we mean, it is an online multiplayer game that is based on attacks and defenses around our towers, all having their game characters more prestige, Clash of Clans. Gradually has been gaining a place in the most downloaded games of Google Play, and it is no wonder , since it is one of those games that hook you from the first moment.

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According to a publication of the official Twitter account of Clash Royale, in the next version of the famous game users we can have a new game mode: tournaments, expected to be held internally in each clan.

It is certainly great news because the strong point of the game is that their games are multiplayer real - time, and with this added tournaments, battles between clans will be much more interesting and organized

We do not have any more details about this new game mode, but it is likely to be included in the update from June to July. Supercell and used to make such updates, including new cards, or balance changes in the characters.

So far, no we are left to wait to enjoy tournaments Clash Royale as one of the new features in the next update, we can only see what else has thought Supercell to engage even more players.






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