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I've been discovered!
posted on 05/24/2012

Today, Mommy paid a visit to Dr. Zaeus at the local hospital - and guess what? They took and ultrasound and found me! Both Mommy and Daddy are very excited to know that I'm on my if they can just be patient, I promise to not kick too much when Mommy's trying to sleep. ;-)


comment by Alla on 04/18/2016
I can't hear annhtiyg over the sound of how awesome this article is.
comment by Kayleigh on 04/17/2016
Action requires kngwoedle, and now I can act! [url=]rpzpyygcys[/url] [link=]mxfwmtbliiu[/link]
comment by Louisa on 04/16/2016
Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote invramotife articles.
comment by Jean on 04/15/2016
Well done to think of soimnhetg like that
comment by Kaylan on 04/15/2016
Heck yeah babey-e keep them coming!

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