Alexander Michael Dodson


Trip to the ER
posted on 07/24/2008

So, Alexander and I had quite a morning yesterday.  He'd been running a fever overnight and around 6:30am, he had a febrile seizure.  It was quite scary for me especially since I was home alone with him.  (Dan had left early that morning for a 6am flight.)  I called 911 and we had great response (3 police officers, 4 paramedics, and the 2 EMTs).  They quickly got us to the hospital and Alexander was treated right away.  Turns out he had a viral infection that we didn't know about.  We thought the fever was related to the mosquito bite he had on his forehead (based on the previous mosquito bite on his face).

All is well now.  The whole thing was definitely harder on me than on Alexander.

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comment by Tami Shinedling on 10/09/2008
The same thing happened to Tatum at preschool not last year but the year before! Her temp went to 105 and she went into a seizure! They transported her the er in an ambulance by herself as I did not make it to the school on time. Scarry! and no problems since...Dan was out of town too!

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