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All About Dominic Tay And His Passive Income Strategy
posted on 05/31/2017

Dominic Tay

Dominic Tay is a an internet marketer that is well celebrated. He started his own site way in 2007 while finishing a diploma course in Singapore Polytechnic. His achievements are commendable, he could be a skilled trainer, entrepreneur and also a digital strategist today. His seminars are packaged with young minds who want to achieve the kind of effort he's garnered in his vocation.

Dominic Tay is now an internet sensation together with the success of his strategy on passive revenue through the internet. Following the success of his online tutorial study he started his seminars that have been reviewed with encouraging and favorable comments from his students who make proper adequate money through passive income as educated by Dominic Tay throughhis seminars. He's been honoured with awards like Best 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014 (Awarded to Leverage Jump Pte Ltd.), Google Certified Personal, Advanced Search Engine Marketing.

Through one among his session, Asia Internet Congress, dominic tay review, helped elevate SGD $8,149 for the Singapore Children Culture. Nearly all of his seminars are always packed and sold out. His methods by capturing the curious minds with nothing but pure authentic insight on the success of reunite revenue of instruction h-AS many thronging to among his seminars, require a personal one-On One session with him or even watch his tutorials on the web. His classes were released for the single goal of assisting the small business or start up company as well as individuals who work from home seeking to make money on the net.

Dominic Tay also has his own line of printed novels which has sold-out since its launch. He authored several books and has released more than twenty books. Following the inspiring success-stories from his students who gained so much from his seminars Dominic Tay chose to t-AKE his consultancy beyond offline and began his SEO Consulting Services share the experience with small businesses as well and to impart his expertise.

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