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The Door Bell For Tiger Supporter
posted on 08/07/2013

Velvet sky daisy after his soul has never Baihu Wu under the opponent. Redness of eyes looking at the opponent, the evil eye Mu Bai Dai Double Vision becomes more profound, and the two look at each other, is nothing to prevent. Door phone systems stood quietly Shrek college athletes area, watching the upcoming game two, his face look calm. Although Dai Mu Bai is not the last one played today Shrek college players, but for him, this is the last game. As Bishop Salas Wuhun White puts it, this College was able to so easily face the opponent, in addition to its own strength, the door phone systems it is nearly perfect arrangement.

The two sides finally started the collision, snakes electrical surges, Yu Tian Xin Li Xiao soon as the body into the sky, straight Mu Bai Dai rushed to embrace. In terms of fighting style, with blue electric Tyrannosaurus Wuhun he, no doubt, and Mu Bai Dai, are storming the storm. Every family in a blue electric rex immediate children of the blood are flowing full of aggressive blood. Attack is the best defense, and only offensive to rout the most direct rival. Blue Power Alondra video door phone Meanwhile outbreak, jade Tianxin issued is two Alondra's strength. This is the Blue Power Tyrannosaurus Wuhun powerful place. Each increase of a level of power and influence will be more Wuhun increase somewhat. Similarly soul of technology at different levels by Wuhun itself when displaying greater improvement. As a top Wuhun, Blue Power rex undoubtedly has with such advantages. Mu Bai Dai did not dodge, they like fighting, whoever dodge, it means already lost the game.

So, he not only did not dodge, but with a more high-handed attitude was greeted by the same spirit with the first technique, the white tiger supporter barrier under the effect of surging white, tiger claws pop handheld, palm in the air fierce dragon four collision together. Two figure almost simultaneously backwards Feitui. Mu Bai Dai shrouded body electric snake, golden hair in the stimulation of lightning no wind fluttering. White tiger on the arm hair is stimulated stud erect. Blue Power Tyrannosaurus Wuhun spider lightning thunder element can not be compared, Yingjie blue electric Alondra this in mind, Dai Bai Mu body is exposed to the strong impact of the lightning. But he is also bad enough to rival. Tianxin pair of jade palm covered with Interfax on scales, each leaving five deep white marks, the above scales have video door bell.

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