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Tucker & Lana Davis
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Lana Marie Davis
Tucker Philip Davis

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Lana joined him when he got stuck under the end table.

We will no longer be updating here because we are switching from this Totsite to a blog.  

There are several reasons we are doing this: (1)  It's free.  (2) You can search the blog with keywords.  (3) It's a one-stop shop.  Instead of checking photos, videos, journal, etc. - you will just look in once place and see it all, in chronological order.  (4) We can order a book with all of our blog posts in it - a scrapbook!  

We have loved our totsite, but it's time for something new.  

Bookmark our new blog and check back often!

Did you know... Tucker Philip Davis's first smile was on 10/17/2009 more fun facts
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*Around the beginning of March, Lana started having terrible nightmares. She would wake us up screaming and crying several times a night, most nights of the week.  For the past month, we've noticed a pattern. If Lana has quiet time instead of napping, she is up at night with nightmares!  I ...