Quick Facts

Born: 11/07/2008
Time: 01:41 pm
Place: Houston, Texas
Weight: 6 lbs 1 oz
Length: 19 1/2 in
Preston Thomas Jones

Sorry we have not done a great job at updating this site. After Preston was born it got pretty hectic. We put our house on the market. It sold 3 weeks later and we moved soon after. Justin started a new job in December and we have been getting situated in our new house in Kingwood. I have posted some family pictures we had taken a few weeks ago. Preston is doing great. He went for his 4 month check up and he is almost 18 pounds! Jackson has adjusted well and loves being a big brother.



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Well I had my last doctor appointment last Friday. Babies heartbeat and my blood pressure looked good and all seems to be on track. My doctor said that I am still di ...
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