Little Aidan
Quick Facts

Born: 13/09/2009
Time: 03:03 pm
Place: Sime Darby Medical Centre
Weight: 1.57 kg
Length: 42.5 cm

Little Aidan's "Duckling" Page!

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first-ever page! My name is Muhammad Qalif Aidan.. But you can always just call me Aidan! I love my page so very much! My mummy and i had chosen this wonderful, bright, orange colored background, with cute ducks! It is Super! Aidan will only be arriving to see mummy and daddy this coming November, but mummy feels so much love towards me, that she decided to express her feelings through journals and webpage.. Aidan sure can't wait to arrive, grow up, learn to read, and witness all my mummy's writing and the love she always have with her, even before i came into her life.. :)

I really want to make a lot of friends here! Until mummy's latest update, enjoy what we have worked so far, ya! This is still new.. Also check out Aidan- Mummy blogspot at:

Thank u!


Did you know... Mummy get to know that she is having me! 27/02/2009 more fun facts
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Hi evewybody.. This is Aidan! Aidan will be arriving in November.. I can't wait to see my daddy and my mummy! I love both of them so much, as mummy and daddy always pray for my hap ...
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• Last Updated: 15/12/2010
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