Little Aidan
Quick Facts

Born: 13/09/2009
Time: 03:03 pm
Place: Sime Darby Medical Centre
Weight: 1.57 kg
Length: 42.5 cm


Muhammad Khalif Aidan
Birth Weight: 1.57 kg
Birth Length: 42.5 cm
Birth Date : 13/09/2009
Birth Time: 03:03 pm
Birth Place: Sime Darby Medical Centre

Growth Chart
Date Weight Length
29/05/2009 1.79 kilograms

10/04/2009 3.9 cm.

05/03/2009 0.22 cm.

Fun Facts
Fun Fact
My first kick! 16/06/2009

Mummy : Ooooh! (shocked!) Surprised

Muhammad Khalif Aidan's name means Muhammad is from our prophet's name, Qalif is "Caliph" and Aidan is "The Brain".. (02/06/2009)

Both my mummy and daddy call me Aidan.. Wink

Mummy and daddy get to hear my heart beats for the first time! And that, i'm a boy! 29/05/2009

Mummy : Omg! It's a boy!

Daddy : Cool

Mummy get to know that she is having me! 27/02/2009

Mummy and daddy are super excited when they received the news from my doctor, Dr. Siti.. Laughing




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