Little Aidan
Quick Facts

Born: 13/09/2009
Time: 03:03 pm
Place: Sime Darby Medical Centre
Weight: 1.57 kg
Length: 42.5 cm


posted on 26/06/2009

Hi evewybody.. This is Aidan! Aidan will be arriving in November.. I can't wait to see my daddy and my mummy! I love both of them so much, as mummy and daddy always pray for my happiness, and health even before i arrive.. Mummy always say that there's a lot of love and joy here, and i can't wait to be part of it!

Aidan wish to see : Tok Ba, Tok Ma, Aunty Zurin, Uncle Edarman, Harith and also Harith's brother, Aunty Ieta and Uncle Zikry.... I also love to see : Opah, and the rest of mummy's family (since mummy came from a big family, it will take some time for Aidan to list them down.. hehehe)

And ofcoz, to everyone in this site.. I am Aidan and i really love to be your friend! See ya!


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• Last Updated: 15/12/2010
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