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   Kailyn Grace Myers  



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We appreciate your patience while we make the switch from our totsites website to our new one at shutterfly. I have gone back and forth about switching to another site and although I have loved updating everyone through totsites, it was time for a change.  The new website is password protected and I will be sending out an email letting you know the password if you have not already made the switch. Thank you!



                    Jason,Tracie and Kailyn Myers

            18 Chickadee Circle

               Brunswick, ME 04011


 Excited after her very 1st swim class!

What is the cutest and youngest member of the Myers' family up to these days?


Kailyn is growing like a weed, at already 42 inches tall, and is loving Maine!  She adores her preschool teachers and will be sad when summertime comes and she gets a break from school.  She is learning so much at Bright Start preschool and amazes us every day.  She is talking in full, and understandable, sentences, using her imagination on a daily basis and loves to sing.  She is going to be quite musical as she sits down at the piano to play every day.  I often "catch" her singing quietly to herself while we are in the car.  She's not one for singing out loud but if you are patient you can catch her singing a little tune to herself. 

Kailyn is still taking dance class and will perform in her first recital in June.  Jason and I are anxious to see how their "performance" goes with a bunch of 2-4 year olds running around. We will be sure to record her dance and hopefully post it on her website for you to enjoy.  If nothing, it will be a good laugh.  

She continues to be an excellent eater.  Still enjoys all veggies, fruits and is still pretty good about trying new foods.  I am excited for the farmer's market to open so that we can go and learn about where food comes from and meet the farmers that are responsible for growing the food that is on our plate. 









Did you know... Kailyn Grace's first bath was on 04/25/2007 more fun facts

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