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Here are some books on my wish list. These have been recommended to me by some of the XXY adults I have met as well as some parents of XXY children.

So, if you're thinking, "I wonder what I can get Care for her b-day," here ya go!

"Learning Outside the Lines" by Jonathan Mooney

"A Mind at a Time" by Mel Levine, MD

"The Myth of Laziness" by Mel Levine, MD

"The Mislabeled Child" by Brock Eide MD and Fernette Eide, MD

"The LCP Solution" by B. Jacqueline Stordy, PhD

"When the Brain Can't Hear" by Terri James Bellis, PhD

"Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women" ISBN 0-385-31183-4

"Man & Woman: Boy & Girl" by John Money and Anke A. Ehrhardt ISBN 0-8018-1406-5

"Klinefelter's Syndrome" research papers edited by Brandmann & Breit ISBN 0-387-13267-81

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