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Father's Day
posted on 09/07/2014

Sunday 15th June 2014


Happy Father's Day to Dad, John and Chris

The boys gave John a selection of socks and a t shirt and also a gold medal chocolate coin.  I gave Dad 2 polo shirt tops and a gold medal chocolate coin too.John was working so the rest of us went to the Skerry for lunch which was very nice. I had salmon, mum and chicken and hallumi salad, dad and chris had burgers, joanne had chicken, ross had macaroni, owen had a pizza, cameron had a burger and katie had bits of everything!  









 photo S1180004_zpse08d2d95.jpg  photo S1180005_zps9cfe10b7.jpg  photo S1180001_zps327ffc5e.jpg  photo S1180002_zps1c69f068.jpg  photo S1180003_zpseb880e5e.jpg  photo S1180006_zps35f71fb7.jpg  photo S1180010_zps9080b4c4.jpg  photo S1180012_zps107c088f.jpg  photo S1180009_zps4227aede.jpg  photo S1180011_zps76c2ced7.jpg





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Sport's Day June 2014
posted on 09/07/2014

The boys had a great time at their Sport's Day.  As it is the commonwealth games in Glasgow this summer, this was the theme. The school gave all the kids different coloured commonwealth tshirts with the school logo on it.  Owen got a bronze and a silver medal! Silver for the badmington shuttle race and bronze for the obstacle course.


Ross was a parade leader with a banner


 photo S1170001_zpsbf1fc57f.jpg  photo S1170002_zps9c0a4baf.jpg

 photo S1170003_zpsf143fd33.jpg

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Roseisle forest walk
posted on 09/07/2014

Had a lovely walk in Roseisle forest with mum,dad and boys.

We had a picnic first which was very nice and then went on our walk which took an hour or so.  It was a lovely sunny day.


 photo 066_zps125d37b1.jpg

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Monster truck show
posted on 09/07/2014

We went to the Monster truck show one night which was good.  It featured bmx riders and motorcyclists jumping over lorries etc and doing lots of stunts.  At the end the monster trucks drove over a line of wrecked cars. It was good.


 photo 082_zps384dac4b.jpg  photo 080_zps029ee7d4.jpg  photo 079_zps9f7a271a.jpg

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Grannies Heilan Hame Sat 10th May
posted on 17/06/2014

Saturday 10th May


Had a nice long sleep and we all woke up at about 9am. We could here the boys playing with all their Mario toys giggling and laughing for a good 15 minutes. We got up at 9.30 and John went to the shop to get some milk for my coffee. Owen had his usual petit filous and Ross had a strawberry and a banana custard for breakfast. John had a very healthy breakfast of 2 tunnocks teacakes! and i had a cheese and ham spread sandwich.


After this the boys got ready and so did I.  We went to the starlanders Aviation play time at 11am in the bar which the boys enjoyed. They watched a video phone call from Sid the seagull and then made some paper planes and did a few activities including target practice etc.

 photo 3d1ff8436b5ec1b3f79f39a3a7c96d53_zps12c3f69d.jpg photo 65d94af15ef6e47ccda61b9d449e7f26_zps52445e4c.jpg photo 1dd41f41982890db3f03334612e88d70_zps335670ea.jpg



John and the boys then went to the park and did my voice recording for this trip report.

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Sat continued and then home on Sunday 11th May
posted on 17/06/2014

We went to the Boston Restaurant for lunch and i had a steak and fried onion wrap with horseraddish mayonnaise served with curly chips and salad, it was lovely.  photo 03e65a2dd40ceb0c0b9e72bf9a4ba41a_zps92d46cef.jpg The boys had fish and chips served in a bucket and spade.  photo 61816568e88abc63cc952a35389fe4d3_zps0ae098bd.jpg photo 202d5816f24345c2dfc75a2bf33deb80_zpsc9449e17.jpg

John had the boston gourmet hot dog with chilli and cheese with chips. It was a lovely meal. photo ac142e127aa4a4d494995c3af4f46b01_zps234fffb6.jpg

 photo 306ad44453e6eaaec16977a6f4438cb2_zps28af63d0.jpg


 photo 58dcb6b0b3c44bd416811ada59c6db20_zpsf22a0e3a.jpg photo f76aa5871e71e4873ec98e07ab303ca9_zps0306e10d.jpg>>

 photo 0cbc60da48951c5165aa0cd3b685d72f_zpse0119f52.jpg





We had a short walk along the beach and played with the frisbee but then it started to rain and we went back to the caravan. In the afternoon i read my magazines etc and then we had a nice chinese for tea. The boys and I shared a chicken chow mein and chicken and mushrooms which was nice and John had a special chow mein.  photo 807dd8867c271f86b31a9d7b8fe64014_zps8c32cfea.jpg We then went to the bar for the children's entertainent. After this a duo of men called Vortex came on and they were very good.   We had a good sleep and got up at 8.45 and began to pack up the caravan. We left at 11am and went to starlanders for Junk Heap Challenge.  Ross made a great spaceship  photo 0a8360ecd518bfcf5d6a2cfdaf5328ac_zps7da3544a.jpg photo 62e086ec8ec9d695275daa457535e1c6_zps6f188cc6.jpg and Owen a great Robot which won!  photo 420db661f537fd4f8a64ace301b0769c_zps0bc629ab.jpg photo 4eb259d53739edd3662af11c2dac78cc_zps00c0f6f1.jpg photo 16923564cae74d6578be5a78522aca31_zpsb4b91ad0.jpg We had a lovely weekend away. Went we gotto Inverness we went to Kidzone soft play area and had some lunch. We got home about 4pm.



















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My birthday weekend Friday continued
posted on 16/06/2014

We enjoyed the cake which had pink and cream sponge layers. I got  a £25 next voucher from auntie Julie which was lovely, a Baylis and Harding gift set from John's mum and dad alongwith a box of milktray. I then had my shower and after that Mum and Dad came round with a lovely daughter card with hand crafted decorations. Inside the card was a very generous money gift of £70 and they also gave me a lovely pink handbag. From Joanne there was a big box with 40 on it and when I opened it a lovely helium balloon popped out. There was lots of confetti stars and little 40s in it. In the box was also a invitation to a spa hotel overnight stay for Joanne and I. She made up a lovely poem inviting me and I was delighted with this great present.  In another box was a lovely Mickey Mouse ornament from Cameron and Katie. I also got a lovely cat wine glass with a cat glass coaster from Philip and Betty which was very nice. From my friend Alison I got a lovely box set with a 40th wine glass and bottle of asti with red glitter all over the glass and bottle.

After the present opening I had a lot to do as I didn't know we wer going away and that Mum and Dad were coming up to look after the cats. I cleaned around the house and made up the bed for mum and dad. Then I packed our case for the weekend.

We then went to the northern chip shop for lunch and I had double egg and chips and John had a cheese burger and chips.

We left at 3.15 after picking boys up from school and getting them into other clothes. We had a good journey which took 2 hours. Would have been longer but John managed to get past roadworks rather quickly!

Grannies Heilan Hame

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos 
We checked into S67 which is a privately owned caravan which was lovely and it even had a playstation for the boys which they enjoyed, especially the Tom and Jerry game which I even had a shot of!

I then did the unpacking whilst John took Ross and Owen to the arcade.  Soon it was time for tea. John took Ross with him to the chip shop. I had a scampi supper, the boys had a smoked sausage supper and John had a cheeseburger supper...again!! See above

I then did my hair and we went over to the bar and it was the starlanders disco time for the kids. They did musical bumps and other different games. Later there was a game where you had to pick either seagulls (Sid the seagull) or lizards ( Lizzy the lizard).

There was music and when it stopped the kids had to pick a side of the room and there was a girl chosen to pick the side of the room to be a seagull or a lizard.The boys kept choosing the correct side until they were the only kids left and Owen then chose the correct side and won the game! He had to go up onto the stage and tell the man his name and he got to pick a prize from a box, after a rather long rummage! he picked a packet of 20 felt tip pens.

Later the boys played in the arcade and then it was bingo time but no wins on our table unfortunately. Next a girl singer came on and she was good. We enjoyed some lagers and went up to the caravan about 11pm.

I had a lovely birthday 

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My surprise 40th birthday weekend away
posted on 12/06/2014

Surprise 40th Birthday weekend Day 1 morning

Surprise 40th Birthday weekend

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Me (Kerry) 40 yrs old ahhhh! 

John (my husband) who's even older 43 yrs ha ha! 

Ross our eldest son 7 yrs

Owen our youngest son 6 yrs

Day 1 Friday 9th May

I woke up at 6.45am with alarm as i like to snooze for a while before getting the boys and up and ready for school. Texts from Mum, Dad and Joanne came in so i didn't get back to sleep.

I went on facebook and heard a lovely singing voice mail from Joanne, Chris and Cameron and they were all singing Happy Birthday to me...it was so cut Joanne had arranged for a birthday annoucement be read out on our local radio station Moray Firth Radio and it was great to hear this at 7.45.

Mum and Dad had also put a lovely birthday announcement in our local paper, The Northern Scot. I was only 17 in the photo and it looked lovely... can't believe i'm now 23 years older, when did that happen!

John then got the boys up and gave them their breakfast. After this they all came into the living room with my lovely card, there was supposed to be a mummy card too but John couldn't find it! The boys wrote their birthday messages in it which was lovely.

Ross then said to me that he was going to his Grass Roots (after school sports ) as we were going to Grannies Heilan Hame for the weekend!

Grannies Heilan Hame is a great holiday Park in Embo Northern Scotland, near Dornach ( were Madonna got married to Guy Ritchie)

We had our very first family holiday with the boys there in the summer of 2011 when Ross was 4 and Owen was 3 yrs.

It was a wonderful surprise and he kept it a secret since March! He only told my mum and dad about it on the wednesday as he had asked them to "babysit" our 2 cats... the only other females in our very male house, Rory and Dixie aged 2 although Rory turned 3 on the 16th May and i gave her a "you are 3" birthday card which John was horrified at! but i wanted to as they are my little girls! Dixie will be 3 on 21st June and she will be getting a card too if you're reading this John!

By the way in case you're wondering why Rory has a "male" name its because we were told she was a he when we first got her from a farm. A week later the vet informed us of the fact i had another girl in the house! We kept her name as it suited her and i googled it (i'm frequently online! ) and found out there is an american girl tv character called Rory so she's not the only girl with that name! lol
Anyway back to the subject matter as i appear to be rambling somewhat!

John and the boys also gave me a lovely big bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume an
Just before the boys went to school, they came through with a lovely birthday cake (see above) and a lovely big 40th mug and coaster set which is great as i'm very partial to my coffee!
and we had a slice with coffee after the boys went to school.

Next part coming soon

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd35/lovebeingmummy/3e0c1a22dae9c96460515959288538f3_zps28a11069.jpg http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd35/lovebeingmummy/69d7aa5421402fc988040f4df36d99df_zps55e3d37c.jpg
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


8 Disney holidays so far

PO French Quarter 1996, PO Riverside 1997, 1998,1999, 2000, Our Honeymoon Caribbean Beach Resort September 2001, Hawthorn Suites 2004, PO Riverside October 2013

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