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As of 11/10/2007:

 Weight: 20 lbs. 3 oz.
 Height: 2 ft. 5 in.

Matilda is now almost at the 98th centile for height!

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Nearly walking...
posted on 28/12/2007

Matilda is so close to walking - she has taken a couple of steps independently in the past week or so... just waiting for her to get the confidence to take some more!

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posted on 20/10/2007

Mummy and Daddy moved my cot down to it's lowest setting because I'm getting really big and can almost pull myself up to standing when my cot is higher! I'm getting a big girl!

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I can crawl!
posted on 16/10/2007

In the past few days, Matilda has suddenly figured out how to crawl! Watch out world, here she comes!

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As promised, we managed to catch that elusive gummy grin on camera - see the photo section!

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Matilda is really getting her own little personality now. She is starting to smile, giggle and gurgle, and she gets all excited when she hears her mummy and daddy! Just need to catch a proper smile on camera now...

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Matilda is 6 weeks old today - can you believe it?! We can't!

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Our beautiful baby girl is already a month old.

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Matilda has now had 3 "big" baths with mummy and daddy! She really loved them and was wide eyed and alert, enjoying each one!

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