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Harper Sophie Jean
  Quick Facts

Born: 04/05/2008
Time: 06:43 pm
Place: Vancouver, BC
Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz
Length: 19 in

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A weekend visit to Whistler
posted on 06/26/2010

We spent a great weekend in Whistler recently and enjoyed everything this town has to offer. We took a Friday off and decided to head up late on Thursday night. Harper took over Auntie Nica's old room and slept in her big girl bed!

Friday morning we visited Uncle Keith at the Whistler Sliding Centre and got a behind the scenes tour of the facility. We even saw a bear! For the first time ever, Harper wouldnt' nap so we resorted to taking a drive, in which she fell asleep in the first 10 mintues of being in the car and slept for 2 hours! Matt and I drove up to the Callaghan Valley and saw 2 young bears enjoying a feast of grassy fields. Friday night we had a nice family dinner when Auntie Lois, Uncle Richard and Grandma Marcie joined us from Squamish.

Saturday Matt went mountain biking with Lee and Keith while Harper and I chilled out at home. Harper was still recovering from a cold earlier in the week and we enjoyed a quiet morning at home. Saturday afternoon Auntie Lois visited and Saturday evening Auntie Lee baby-sat while Matt and I enjoyed a night out with friends (what a treat!) As we were getting ready to go out Harper was having her hair done while sitting on Auntie Lee's bathroom counter (fun!). Then as we left the house she was watching Uncle Keith fly his toy helicopter in the garage. Sheesh! Who needs their parents around when there is this kind of fun to be had! As we were leaving and saying good-bye Harper looked at me and said "Mama, don't worry. Be happy".

Sunday we visited the Whistler Farmer's Market at the base of Blackcomb with Auntie Lois, Auntie Lee and Auntie Dee. Besides the farmer's stalls, there are other fun things to see - horse riding stables, gondolas, etc. Harper thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we headed home at naptime and Harper slept for a long time. She fell asleep shortly after we left Whistler (probably asleep by 1:45pm) and she slept in the car after we got home until almost 5pm. Guess our Whistler adventure really pooped her out!


Playing with Mousey in Auntie Lee's backyard.

Harper and Mousey had fun playing at Auntie Lees house in Whistler.

Striking a pose at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

Striking a pose.

Flying high.

Flying high at the Whistler Sliding Centre

Harper and her Auntie Lee.

Just another sunny fun-filled day in Whistler with Auntie Lee.

Warming up at the Olympic Sliding Centre.

Warming up for our Olympic Sliding Track debut...

Singing Oh Canada before her run.

Singing Oh Canada before she starts.

Channeling John Montgomery's energy on the luge track.

Channeling John Montgomerys energy at the start of the luge track.

Harper's hair-do by Auntie Lee.

Auntie Lees hair masterpiece.

Another view of the do.

Another view of the do.

Boarding the Peak-to-Peak Gondola.

Boarding the gondola.

Just chillin' with Dad.

Just chillin with Dad.

Enjoying the gondola. She didn't remember when we went on the real gondola ride last summer.

Checking out a Peak-to-Peak Gondola.

The horses were a big attraction.

The horses were a big attraction at the base of Blackcomb Mountain.

At the Whistler Farmer's Market with Auntie Lee, Auntie Dee and Auntie Lois.

The Whistler Farmers Market - with Auntie Lois, Auntie Lee and Auntie Dee!


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