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Harper Sophie Jean
  Quick Facts

Born: 04/05/2008
Time: 06:43 pm
Place: Vancouver, BC
Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz
Length: 19 in

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Harper's birthday party with friends
posted on 04/01/2012

 Harper made gift boxes for her friends to take home from her party.


The sous-chef assists Dada to make the cupcakes.

Hard at work with Dada in the kitchen.

Harper vacuums her room before her guests arrive.

The games begin - with Lena, Georgia and Kendall.

Decorating cupcakes!

Harper's masterpiece.

Good times, good cupcakes!

Good times, good cupcakes!

Harper and her friends decorate cupcakes

A bit of shrieking occurred as the girls played "monster in the bathroom" - look closely and you may see Lambie the puppet (aka "the monster") peeking out of the bathroom door!


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