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hey everyone! well...daddy & mama & i are loving vegas!..with the exception of one new doctor! we went to see him the other day and i don't think we'll be back to him again.  mom left in tears she was so disappointed. we sure loved dr. johnson in salt lake! well, i hope we can find a good one! i've been playing and growing a lot. i love finding mom & dad's clothes and then coming out of their room with the clothes on top of my head!  also, i will not eat if you cut up my food anymore.  i'm too big for that! i want the whole sandwich..or waffle..or whatever we are eating!

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i sure had a fun christmas! i got to go on my first airplane ride! we went home to salt lake city and i loved looking out the window at the wing, lights, and even snow we flew threw! all my cousins on my mom's side were together for christmas morning at grandma & grandpas house! we all got lots of cool stuff. i got a new truck and cars, a soccer ball, some bouncy balls and lots of cool new books! i also got a new toothbrush and a new sippy cup with a straw! we also got mom's all time favorite movies...the classic old school grinch stole christmas & the classic cartoon alvin & the chipmunk christmas!

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look at me! i'm a nevadan now! can you believe it?  we made the move.  mom & dad and i grabbed some quick pieces of turkey from grandma & grandpa's on thanksgiving day then headed off to our new home...picking up a few more pieces of turkey from daddy's aunt & uncles house when we reached las vegas.  don't worry. that wasn't all we got for thanksgiving dinner.  we also had a thanksgiving maverick hot dog in cedar city on the way down.  i didn't mind.  it was my first taste of a hot dog after all.  and i guess i was just waiting to be with dad again before i started walking because sure enough...just a few days after we were here, i picked myself up to my feet with no help at all, and started on my way.  i sure get a big grin everytime i walk...and an even bigger grin when i fall down!!

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last friday night mom & dad took me to the circus.  we went with my auntie em & my cousins.  It was so cool!  I kept cheering with everyone.  I was clapping and saying woo...woo.  we saw tigers and tight rope walkers and so many fun things.  i was falling asleep though by the time the elephants came on.  i was tuckered out!! 

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crawling is the best thing ever!!  it was funny when i first started crawling because it was so hard that i was grunting the whole way across the room.  i sure wanted that truck that my cousins were playing with though so i just decided to get up on my knees and go for it.  i made it!  the next day it wasn't so hard and i didn't have to grunt anymore! i'm cruising now!  i also only like to wave if i'm crawling.  if you catch me while i'm crawling, then i'll be happy to stop and wave to you.  but if i'm sitting up or doing anything else you can wave to me to your hearts content but don't ask me to wave back.  no thanks!  i also got a new car seat about a week ago!  i was just too long for my old one so i decided to say so long.  i look like such a big kid in my new seat! i'm so big i'm even starting to pull myself up to stand!

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wow.  have i ever had a fun couple of weeks!!  mom & dad took me to california!!  we got lost in downtown L.A. when daddy took a wrong freeway exit and soon our little car with utah plates, luggage practically falling out the window, and the only white people in sight was driving through the middle of an arrest.  boy did we stick out!!even dad was scared while we tried to make our way back to the freeway.  then during a traffic jam in marina del tried to blare his horn to fit in with every one else and only managed a little tiny toot then just about got ran over because he got stock in an intersection.  mom sure couldn't stop laughing once we got through that one!  i got to go swimming several times and it's my new very most favorite thing!!  i also got to go on a big boat to see uncle brian &  aunt rebecca get married!  i got to sleep in mom & dad's bed all week at the hotel because i didn't want to sleep in my pack n play and decided to cry whenever they put me in it.  pretty sneaky of me since they couldn't let me cry in the hotel.  but now i'm home and back in my own crib.  i had my 9 month doctor checkup the other day & the doctor said i'm growing like a champ!  my stats are in the fun facts!!  i'm also eating cheerios now and lots of other big boy foods!!  i sure get mad whenever mom & dad don't give me something off their plates.  today me & mom went with landon & his mom swimming!!  it was so fun.  the water was cold but i didn't mind.  the second my toes got wet i couldn't stop smiling and laughing and splashing!! 

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so i've been teething again lately.  for the past several days my crazy mom & dad were really worried that my tooth was coming in funny shaped and crooked.  i kept trying to tell them to relax.  finally my mom clued in that that tooth had sure come in fast.  she took a closer looked and realized it was a piece of skin that has been hanging down.  it's about time they figured it out.  my 2 top teeth are breaking through though!!  i also love to clap now!  every time i get excited i wave my arms in the air and start to clap...especially when dad gets home.  i also love to get up on my hands & knees and rock back & forth and roll over in the bathtub.  my favorite thing is to soak mom right after she's done getting ready for the day.  by the time my bath is over her hair is dripping wet, she might as well re-do her makeup, change her clothes, and we have to lay towels all over the floor to soak up all the water.  i went on my first trip to the zoo too.  i even saw the albino aligator.    he had big blue eyes like me!  rumor has it i'm going to california next week for my uncle's wedding.  can't wait to swim & play in the water!

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yesterday for memorial day, dad & mom decided to take me swimming for the very first time!!  i sure love the water!  it was so much fun.  but i thought they picked kind of a weird day for it when i started to feel raindrops.  i thought usually people go swimming when it's sunny.  we also got to go watch bumper boats and race cars!

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