Birth Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz
Birth Length: 20 1/2 in
Birth Date : 09/18/2008
Birth Time: 05:59 pm
Birth Place: Northside Hospital

Growth Chart
Date Weight Length
04/14/2009 19 lbs. 6 oz.

04/10/2009 19 lbs. 2 oz.

03/13/2009 18 lbs. 6 oz. 27.6 in.

Today we had B's six month check-up/shots.  He's a very healthy little boy.  He's now in the 89th percentile on height and 72nd on weight.  He smiled and charmed everyone like always and took his shots like a champ!  He cried a little when he first got them but then was fine.  He started rice cereal this week and will be trying applesauce this weekend and then onto green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and bananas.   I expect that he will continue to grow and put on weight with the addition of solids in his diet.  We go back in three more months.

01/16/2009 14 lbs. 15 oz. 26.25 in.

Today was Braeden's four month check-up.  Everything is going great.  He continues to be perfectly healthy!  He is a TALL boy!  He's only in the 54th percentile on weight but the 90th on height!  He's still gorgeous and perfect though!  The shots went better than last time.  He cried a little but definitely not as much as when he got his first set.  We'll go back in two months for his next check-up. 

12/29/2008 14 lbs. 2 oz. 25 in.

11/13/2008 12 lbs. 2 oz. 23.5 in.

Well, he's growing!  He's in the 75th percentile on length, and the 68th percentile on weight.  Everything's looking good.  We'll go back in two months.  I'm sure he'll really be big then!

11/06/2008 23 in.

Chunka Monk is getting huge, but we don't go back to the ped for a few weeks so I don't have his exact stats.  I tried measuring him today, and it looks like he's about 23 inches long.  I think he's going to be a big boy!  He eats all the time, and he's now out of his newborn clothes.  (The Halloween outfit is newborn, and check out his little love handles in it! :)He's probably going to be out of his 0-3 soon too!  I guess what this means is if you're curious as to what to get him for Christmas either formula or clothes would be a safe bet!Wink

10/06/2008 8 lbs. 14 oz. 21 in.

My little piggy is growing!  Today was his two week appointment, and everthing was perfect!  Our next appointment is at two months, and he'll get his shots.  Dread that one!

10/01/2008 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Because overprotective, paranoid mommy took Braeden to the ped today we had an appt sooner than planned.  This time he was weighed with clothes rather than without, but counting the clothes he was up 12 oz in a week!  I guess that's good??  Maybe I'll get my chubby little baby after all or at least until the rest of him catches up (and slims down) with those crazy monkey feet! 

09/24/2008 8 lbs.

Braeden had his first pediatrician appointment today.  They were very happy with everything.  Originally he was coming back next week, but since he was doing so well we don't have to come back til he's three weeks old!  He left the hospital weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and weighed 8 lbs today so I guess I've been feeding him good!

09/18/2008 7 lbs. 9 oz. 20 1/2 in.

Braeden was much bigger than I expected him to be!  I guess part of that  was because I was four days past my due date. He had a big head so I had to have a C-section after spending several hours in labor.  We gave it a good try though so I don't feel bad that things didn't go according to my birthplan.  All that matters is that I have my perfect little son-- well, perfect except for his big ol' conehead!  :)

Fun Facts
Fun Fact
Braeden said DaDa for the first time on 03/10/2009

He actually said "da-something", but I'm still counting it! 

Braeden's first time rolling from back to belly 03/10/2009

of course his arm got in the way though.  He was at daycare when it happened, and they had to help him out.  Smile

Braeden said MaMa for the first time on 03/06/2009

It was mixed in with some fussing, but I still caught it!

Braeden's favorite song is Anything that mommy makes up! (02/19/2009)

Braeden loves to sing and dance with me.  It makes him giggle!

Braeden's first time sitting up unassisted was 01/31/2009

Braeden was sitting on my stomach so that probably helped him a bit, but he still did it!  He also caught himself when he started to tip over.  He is getting so big!

Braeden's birth sign is (01/23/2009)

Is this 1975????

Braeden's first time really noticing me was 01/20/2009

I was holding B right after he finished his bottle and he reached up and started touching my hair and my face.  It was so sweet. 

Braeden's first time giggling 01/19/2009

I was holding Braeden at daycare that afternoon, and he just started giggling.  Then I started giggling.  The he giggled at me giggling.  It went on for a minute or two.  It was sooooo sweet!

Braeden's first day talking 12/31/2008

It's the sweetest sound in the world.  He's made noises before, but now he's making all kinds of cute little sounds talking to his toys.  So sweet!

Braeden's first time rolling over was on 12/17/2008

Braeden and I were doing tummy time when he got so excited that he rolled himself over onto his back!!!  He looked kind of shocked and disoriented after it happened.  Laughing 

Braeden's first hair cut was on 11/20/2008

Well, B's not had one yet, but I feel so tempted.  Poor thing.  He's got four styles going on--- normal on one side, bald on the other, receding on top and a mullet in the back!  It's been that way for weeks.  I just can't believe with two parents with hair like ours that B has such bad hair!  His little fauxhawk looks funny cuz it comes from the crown of his head!

Braeden 11/17/2008

I really wish B didn't have to go to daycare these first few years, but what'cha gonna do??  I went back to work on Monday so he started going to Kid Central.  Obviously I don't have anything to compare them to, but I am happy with them so far.  The teachers are good with him, and he seems to be very happy.  He's always full of smiles.  I've never left or walked in with him crying.  I'm confident that he's in good hands.  I just dread the first cold.... 

Braeden found his/her hands on 11/06/2008

Well, I think it's an accident when it happens, but Braeden is starting to suck on his hands.  I'm not sure of the exact day, but it's pretty recent.  He usually does it when he's hungry and/or frustrated.  It's soooo cute!!! 

Braeden's first time sleeping through the night was 11/06/2008

Hallelujah!  Braeden has slept through the night the past three nights!  Mon it was til around 530, Tues it was around 545 and this morning it was 645!  I know not to get my hopes up, but it's been so nice!  He gets up, takes a bottle, gets a diaper change and then we go back to sleep for a few hours.  I go back to work in a little over a week so it'll be nice if he keeps doing it!

Braeden's first laugh was on 11/06/2008

This is hard to say.  He's not giving big belly laughs or anything, but he's definitely starting to make the beginning of laughs now.  It's like he get amused by things or something.  He really enjoys laying on his rainforest mat.  The only things on it he can appreciate at this age are the lights and music, but it definitely holds his attention.  His little arms and legs get going, and he "talks" to it.  There are definitely what I think are little baby laughs coming from him sometimes!

Braeden's first time attending church 11/05/2008

Braeden and I went to Our Father's House last night.  It was his first time at church, and the girl in the nursery said he was great.  I went and checked on him once, and he was peaceful as could be in the swing.  He was just observing everything and didn't even acknowledge me when I came in!  We're going to go there again Sunday and see how it goes.  I really want to find a good church to raise him in. 

Braeden's hair color is brown (10/25/2008)

Braeden's hair is brown, but it's starting to fall out.  I think it will come back blonde since Michael and I both had blonde hair. 

*This one makes me giggle!  This is not a trivia question or anything! Obviously if you know Braeden you know his hair is brown, but it was one of the "fun facts" offered so I answered it. 

Braeden's first time sleeping in their own bedroom was 10/25/2008

I don't remember the exact date, but Braeden's been sleeping in his room for quite awhile.  We both seem to sleep better without the other one being in the room to disturb us!

Braeden's favorite game is Let's spit out the paci and see how long it takes Mommy to put it back in (10/25/2008)

Braeden's first time going to the park 10/19/2008

He was obviously too young to appreciate it, but Braeden's first visit to the park was at Piedmont Park.  He got pushed along during the AIDS Walk.  Spending time at the parks next spring/summer will definitely be much more fun for us.     

Braeden's first day pulling my hair 10/04/2008

Braeden's been very fussy lately and grabbed hold of my hair when I was holding him.  I thought it was really cute!

Braeden had his first real bath 10/04/2008

Braeden lost his cord stump 10/03/2008

Braeden's name means He's going to have to correct the spelling his whole life, but it's "BRAEDEN". RAE in honor of his grandmother (my mom) who passed away January 11th, 2007. (09/23/2008)

Braeden's first vacation/trip was to Myrtle Beach, SC May 2008 (09/23/2008)

Braeden's favorite comfort toy is Mommy (09/23/2008)

The winner of the stat guess is Leigh Middleton! 09/23/2008


Braeden's first smile was on 09/18/2008

I don't know the date, but I'm going ahead and counting this milestone even though they're not genuine smiles.  My gassy little boy smiles often!  :)

Braeden's first time using the potty was on 09/18/2008

9-18 within a few hours of birth (well, not the real potty!)  As I was going through the pics I came across the video of Auntie April changing his first stinky diaper!




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