Who do I think Braeden looks like?
posted on 11/23/2008

It's funny with babies how it's so hard to see who they look like at first.  Now that Braeden's two months old he's growing so much, and his features are starting to develop.  Some people think he looks like me, some like Michael and some like my brother, David.  When I look at him I definitely see mommy AND daddy---- he's got my big eyes and long eyelashes, but then he has this puffiness and little lines under them like daddy.  He also has daddy's dimpled chin and a cute little dimple that is hidden unless he does his mouth just right--- just like Michael's.  I guess his nose is too hard to say right now, but it does flare!  Poor kid--- that might mean he's gonna have mine!  He has my smile.  His whole face lights up when he smiles!  It's awesome because now he actually GIVES you smiles rather than them accidentally happening.  I'm actually kind of jealous that he's sharing them with everyone else!Smile  All in all he's perfect, and I think he got the best of both of us--- unless he ends up with my nose! 

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