I am so lucky...
posted on 12/04/2008

I guess I didn't realize how fortunate I am with Braeden, but I keep reading these horror stories so I really must be! 

Here goes:

Braeden has been sleeping in his own room since he was just a few weeks old.

He's been sleeping through the night since he was about seven weeks old.

The "colic" thing didn't exist.  I just think we had to get him on the right formula.

He hardly ever REALLY cries unless his belly hurts which isn't that often now that he's on the RIGHT formula!

I'm pretty sure he's going to be really smart.  Not only does he have smart parents Smile, but he's just so alert.  He's always checking things out! 

He is a happy little guy that is a blessing to me, and everyone he comes in contact with.  One of the daycare teachers told me the other day that "sometimes it's hard for him to eat because he keeps looking around and looking up at her smiling".  He has the biggest, prettiest smile, and yes, I'll say that even though he got it from me!  Fortunately he has daddy's temperament so we do get to see it pretty often!

And of course I don't need to be reminded of this, but he is perfectly healthy.  For that I am definitely thankful!

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