Fours months and counting...
posted on 01/23/2009

Braeden continues to grow and develop.  It's amazing how much he has changed over the past four months. In some ways I don't even realize how small he was until I look at pictures.  I guess because I kind of I think of him as a little boy now.  This morning he was fussing when I was putting lotion on his face, and I told him to stop being a baby!  Laughing 

In other news, Braeden is a tummy time pro now, rolls all over the place (but still hasn't made it all the way from back to belly), loves standing up and observing everything, can play with toys, is almost ready to really enjoy his Exersaucer and Jumperoo (his neck is still a bit weak), talks and giggles and has finally started to have some hair come in!  Oh, and I think he has a girlfriend at daycare! He is quite the ladies' man.  Cool 

Braeden is so full of life and such a happy baby.  I really think he is such a blessing to everyone that encounters him.  He is pretty much always smiling or talking or laughing now unless he's tired and/or hungry.  It is simply amazing.  I am so grateful that God gave me this little boy.  He means more than anything in the world to me and makes me wonder why it took me so long to become a mommy! 


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