Six months already?
posted on 03/17/2009

Well, Baby B will be six months old tomorrow!  It's amazing how fast the time has gone by.  People always tell you that, but I guess you really have no idea how true it is until you're a parent yourself!

Braeden is such a blessing to me and to everyone he encounters!  I don't think Michael and I could be any more blessed with him!  Yes, I am his mommy, and therefore probaby a bit biased, but I know it's true!  He is just so happy and healthy and perfect!  I am in awe at all the things he does and appreciate the chance to view the world through a child's eyes.  (I never knew carpet could be so fascinating.)  He certainly makes me have a greater appreciation for things.  I keep saying "this is my favorite stage", but the fact is the days just keep getting better.  He brings a joy to my life that I have never known, and I am so grateful to be his mommy!

As far as what he's doing- we officially started Braeden on cereal last week and babyfood over the weekend.  Michael and I both feel he will be a big eater like his daddy and not at all picky like his mama!  He is growing and growing, remaining on the high end of the charts but always healthy.  He is a very alert and curious little boy that is content being interactive or observing the goings on around him.  He has his daddy's personality as long as he's happy but if not, watch out because he'll get fussy and demanding like mommy!  Braeden is learning to roll onto his tummy now and is getting very good at sitting up too.  Overall things are great and Braeden is doing wonderfully!


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