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How registry cleaner free download can harm your computer
posted on 27/10/2015

Registry cleaners are the most common method of resolving computer performance issues by repairing windows registry. Registry cleaners free download version is available in the internet which can be used to remove junk files from the PC. Although it has some advantages like PC speed booster, increasing the PC performance however it does carry several disadvantages.

Depending on the quality of registry cleaner free trial version, there are some problems associated with it which are as follows:-

A)     A registry cleaner can install virus on your PC

Now- a -days everything is offered free on the internet. Unfortunately lot of these free programs want something in return. So it is important to research a product before you download and install it in your PC. So if you are looking for a free register cleaner to act as PC speed booster download it from a quality source else it will end up in some kind of malware or virus getting installed in your PC.

B)    Not supported by Microsoft Windows OS

A registry cleaner is not supported by Microsoft windows OS as it is not incorporated in the Windows OS., therefore it becomes difficult for the third party program to identify the relevant data. The valid objects may be categorized wrongly as errors and at times lead to the elimination of the critical data. Removing critical objects prevents system from starting resulting in crashes.


C)     Poorly designed registry cleaners

There are registry cleaners that cannot repair scenarios in which the registry key cannot be deleted and registry cleaners become less effective. Examples include keys having embedded null character in names. There are poorly designed registry cleaners that are not able to clean registry of bad entries and speed up PC.

         To conclude registry cleaner free version can improve the performance of the PC however the right cleaner needs to be installed which can get rid of registry errors.


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