Well, we've made it to fall and with that, we have entered a totally new season of life!  Anna started pre-school in September and LOVES it!  Everyday she comes home telling us what craft she did or who she played with and many more important pre-school details.  She also started soccer, and after getting out the first practice nerves, she is having a great time!  Claire and Halle are her #1 fans...Claire like to cheer out, "Good job Anna!" at random times during practice or games.  Claire got to get a little backpack when we all went school shopping and faithfully brings it with her everywhere!  She fills it with a new/different combination of toys every trip out.  They have lots of fun playing together and are often found in dress up clothes, with loaded purses, "going to Costco" or "climbing a mountain."  In princess heels and a dress of course!  They are both still very into helping take care of Halle and love to get her to smile.  Halle is still very easy going, but has gone through a "clingy to mom" phase.  She is very happy and quick to smile and we've even gotten a few chuckles out of her.  She has rolled from her front to her back a few times (mostly by accident), and is really into her tongue and feet right now.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Love, Anna, Claire and Halle

Did you know... Anna Kimberly Piper's first smile was on 05/13/2007 more fun facts

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Anna made an unscheduled visit to the doctor this week because Chris found a lump under her scalp about an inch behind her ear.  Being first time, concerned parents we had it ...
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Born: 05/09/2007
Time: 04:20 pm
Place: St. Joseph's Hospital, Tacoma, WA
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Length: 20.5 in
  Last Updated: 10/01/2011
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