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Ok. I am getting worse at updating this site.  It has been two months--busy months, but still.  We are just counting down the days till Christmas at our house.  Ben loves to see the tree with all the lights--"It's just so beautiful mom" are his words most mornings. 

Mia is doing much better than expected with the tree.  She doesn't even bother it.  Now, if we can get her to do the same with the toilet paper, I will be happy. 

Ben had his first music program at Vestavia Methodist and he did great.  Sang most of the time and played with his teacher's necklace the rest.  A success in my book! 

I will try to be better about the postings this upcoming year.  Ben is not napping alot, so my afternoons aren't as long as they once were. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Did you know... Ben the Back Seat Driver 07/25/2010 more fun facts

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