Rachel Anne Rohrs turns 5 on December 29th!
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Born: 12/29/2009
Time: 06:23 pm
Place: Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz
Length: 20.5 in


posted on 04/24/2011

Happy Easter


2011 has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Rachel is growing up so fast.  She is a fiesty little girl and is as cute as can be. I know I am WAY behind on updating her website so I will try to do that as soon as I can.  She's been a busy little girl these past few months. We put a pool in and that has been dominating our time.  Rachel LOVES the pool!  She's only been in it a few times because the water has been too cold but she is already learning to hold her breathe.  This week was Jeff's 40th Birthday which is hard to imagine since Jeff and I have been together since we were 16.  Time really does go by so fast.  It does not seem like it was a year ago that we were celebrating Rachel's 1st Easter.  Now we are about to celebrate her 2nd Easter.  We are so looking forward to tomorrow when all of our family will be together again.  Those family celebrations are so precious to us!  

We hope that everyone has a great Easter and takes time out of their day to remember what Easter is truly about!

Lots of Love,

Denise, Jeff and Rachel 


God, give us eyes to see
the beauty of the Spring,
And to behold Your majesty
in every living thing -
And may we see in lacy leaves
and every budding flower
The Hand that rules the universe
with gentleness and power -
And may this Easter grandeur
that Spring lavishly imparts
Awaken faded flowers of faith
lying dormant in our hearts,
And give us ears to hear, dear God,
the Springtime song of birds
With messages more meaningful
than man's often empty words
Telling harried human beings
who are lost in dark despair -
'Be like us and do not worry
for God has you in His care


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