Rachel Anne Rohrs turns 5 on December 29th!
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Born: 12/29/2009
Time: 06:23 pm
Place: Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz
Length: 20.5 in


Itís September Already!
posted on 09/14/2011

It’s September Already!


             This time last year we were quickly realizing that Rachel’s 1st Birthday was only three months away.  Now, I am quickly realizing that her 2nd Birthday is just a little more than 3 months away!  Holy Cow!! 


            We have had an action packed summer!  There has been swimming in the new pool, hanging out with Rachel’s friends Ryan (RyRy) and Kolby (Boo), meeting family in Ft. Myers, vacationing in the keys, a family reunion, birthday parties – boy are we exhausted!  And of course we had the birth of Rachel’s new cousin Ayden (my Brother Nick’s son) on June 12th.  As you can tell from the pictures Rachel is everywhere and into everything.  Her new nickname is now “Booger”.  Rachel’s friend Ryan does not like it and said I have to call her “Little Miss Booger”.  I find myself calling her booger a lot during the course of the day because I find her in places she shouldn’t be or doing things she shouldn’t.  Such as crawling into the kitchen cabinet, taking all of the clothes out of her dresser drawers, taking all my books off the bookcase, removing toilet paper from the roll and ripping it to shreds and leaving what looks to be a rats nest in our bedroom – you get the drift.  But, I’m sure she’s like every kid on the verge of TWO!  She is getting smarter by the day.  Jeff and I look at each other a lot and say “how does she know that”.  One of the things that surprised us the most is not only how many words she knows and can speak, but also the meaning of the words.  She will use the word sorry and knows when to say it – although she does over use it. 


            We took our first vacation since Rachel was born.  I won’t say it was a complete disaster but it was pretty close.  Our first day we traveled to Ft. Myers so that Rachel could meet some of Jeff’s family for the first time.  Everything was going good till bedtime came around.  Rachel was scared to death sleeping in a strange place in the pack and play.  She has never slept anywhere but her crib.  The only other place she will sleep is in the car seat and that is few and far between.  Needless to say neither she nor I got much sleep that night.  I was ready to head home but Jeff insisted we head to the keys.  She did sleep most of the way from Ft. Myers to the Keys which was fantastic.  The first night in the keys was a repeat of the night in Ft. Myers.  Each night we would bring her into bed with us in hopes she would conch out but she thought it was playtime.  On the second night in the keys she did fall asleep in bed with us for a few hours – I didn’t sleep.  She was pushed up against me every which way and I was terrified to move in fear she would wake up.  The next two nights got better.  Both Rachel and I were exhausted but we managed to have a great time despite the sleep deprivation.  We did decide to come home a day early just so we could all get some rest before we had to head to the Reiter family reunion. 


            This past weekend was the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.  It’s hard to believe that 10 years has gone by.  Jeff was in Atlanta for a technology convention on September 11th.  I received a phone call from him after the first plane hit the tower in NY.  It was one of the most terrifying feelings for me simply because Jeff was hundreds of miles away and there was so much fear and uncertainty.  Jeff and the group he was with had just been ushered by police off the streets of Atlanta when he called because at that point reports were coming in that Atlanta was possibly a target.  I think as most of America felt that day I went between shock, fear and tears for what was transpiring.  As the day went on and flights were cancelled indefinitely Jeff had no way to get home.  That night I stayed with my Mom because I was too afraid to stay at home alone.  And, I remember so vividly a conversation I had with my Dad on the phone that night.  I was telling him about what had happened to Jeff and that he had no way to get home and he told me “let’s go, we can go now, drive up and get him and bring him home”.  We didn’t go, Jeff was able on Thursday to rent a car and drive home.  But, knowing that my Dad was ready to leave right then and there to go get him and bring him home meant the world to me, especially when the world was literally falling apart around us.  Still 10 years later it makes me cry to remember what happened to all of us that day; we will forever be changed because of it. 


            This past weekend was also Grandparents Day – to my Grandparents and to Rachel’s Grandparents and Great-Grandparents.  We are a truly blessed family because of each of you.  We love you very much! 


I’m slowly getting photos uploaded so please check back on occasion till I get them up to date.  There just are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Especially when Rachel wants to help us when we use the computer! 



Lots of Love,


             Denise, Jeff and Rachel



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