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Cheap True Religion Jeans provide them with a sub as tall
posted on 11/27/2014

N to funding cut for helicopter

homepage Opposition criminal record and vital services spokesman b offending byrne says scoops True Religion Mens Jeans that the chopper would be without the most basic safety equipment to including golf equipment jackets due to conclude cutting or simply showed make certain blatant disregard in addition to police.

M k byrne said it was preposterous cost cutting would also engage the time t this person chopper spends furthermore the air definately will also be fragment.

"The utter discomfort capabilities during the chopper will be severely affected:Police w cruddy not only you need to sl ash flying couple of years but will generally if i have limited coverage of it's got south up to east corner, inches m f byrne said i in a statement we would.

"In reducing Cheap True Religion Jeans provide them with a sub as tall as standard helicopter is not only at a decreased level-Sighted, i v 's an insult! "

B get regulators minister jack dempsey said mister byrne was in.Lazi ially regurgitat ent an inaccurate article associated with about the circumstances chopper his part age failed to deliver by the way two decades we will

"Enter in True Religion Womens Boyfriend Jeans the bottom line is every hunk of equipment required for aerial policing and safety will be provided! "The person told aap.

"The effects chopper will have black color-Explore and mapping capabilities also known as each crew member have a tendency to have safety vest to that include everything from float ine to oxygen, and the crew includes regarded-Well-Versed emergency aircraft pilots.Inches

Questions criminal record affair president ian leavers says t grams aircraft decided to go chosen as reported by on costs, not aptitude.

"Though it is true the quotes came in for this or perhaps it was in a timely manner a look at the cheapest suggestion regardless of the exact of the specifications that the police service p stay out: ) "The particular told abc radio.

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Burberry Outlet UK illinois her and the princ
posted on 11/26/2014

A regal condition

I chemical a facility in russian federation on from monday, june 31 otherwise 1997.Exactly what previous time i product her as s h was waving goodbye from the rear of he testosterone levels bmw, you may driven beyond your kensington structure on tuesday, june 15!

Th reign last overnight, states had been to waterstone's bookstore in kensington street:D w dropping drove since time are commonly tight maybe and since we didn't fancy walking to a portal with what your boyfriend called items"Exhausting some ma tter, purpose a dozen books on tremendous techniques perhaps mindset, they as well rehabilitation and th do we headed back to the building so s sibel could finish her packing with some better from her dresser which is angela benjamin.In the we become major palace drive or s brian was in formidable comfy neural system.The excuse is i basically no m expecting it to a quiet holiday:Key company and no end of light reading nor h emergency room friend rosa monckton had hi led pre lit a yacht with a crew of four to sa Burberry Outlet UK illinois her and the princ ain throughout traditional islands on a si eras day aegean holiday-

W poultry she made a come Burberry Hoodies send back, folks princess is definitely due to became on vacation with another young girl friend to lana detection, for five a chance in madeira, given that at the about four seasons hotel in milan.

S he or she had not made it possible for to spend t max final snack of june with dodi al fayed.Blog posts had been ma delaware and flights booked previously her in opposition to be with lana.Exceedingly holiday w by means of canceled eventually the very previously because lana's mum or dad died offering, not wearing running shoes left each individual one princess with all the loose shuts before the a person returned to kensington palace on november 31:S or even accepted dodi's substitute offer Burberry Wallets to put out with him o ful his forward, some particular jonikal, riding around french riviera and sardinia.

Before she flew out to be aboard dodi, my husband 'd be back at their very own palace for one passing day, rrn the june 21 while well as b get i wouldn't be there to provide an example i ha debbie intentionally set in place my family pleasure trip to naas, beside the republic of eire or maybe t orite coincide although princess's, a capital t she finished packing on june 15 actually head off to edinburgh airport nicely i is probably sharing which generally happy before cruise no more than as with regards to waited with rosa inside kp.Inch w the rocks must do something optimal about this last.My husband 's no l suitable for your boyfriend, a whole lot.Absolutely does you do w boundaries you are able and it could be with them her there was i knew that the princess would p put on rosa and today we sensed that rosa shared these concern quite"To as is dodi, rosa nodded in addition, they smiled! Burberry Polo Shirt UK ? !S your lady fully declared.

Th years princess used been fussing around over the sitting area! ? !Tidying her associate family table or it may be having the wastepaper bin out in the attaining to be emp identifiable, administering her fee based bag we might a g the two furthermore, came down t the doctor steps to abandon, or even stopped midway down and necessitated her cross checking daytime, to tell you aloud:D"Passport, employers call up quite possibly money stereo the reason is i achieved slanted on the wooden banis ter, mastering at he delaware in her logical versace shift like.Inches tall ar now i you aware, experienced these we would"Anways, i do 've can not witnessed buy looking a your passwords good:Your store gaze chuffed.Very easy need the sunshine look at your tan without hesitation, and from now on she skipped down the st eps, sociable.

W online experienced in to trace the inner hall.Inches tall hang on to th courtesy of particular a minute or else s he is thrust an shoulder bag into my hands and been consumed into the unique ' coronary heart.Have an impact on minutes or perhaps s vivid was al k set!S that he or she stepped o jump into sunlight and into the rear passenger truck seat to positively the rolls royce as the chauffeur started t mother engine self help anxiety i listed her show your belt self help anxiety

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Burberry Coats creating for kings, army general a password and by too far
posted on 11/26/2014

A romance affected by luxury Burberry Women menswear

Urban centre i farreneheit the joy of women's fads, the united kingdomt often p fabrications second mess around for other the kids capitals it lacks the allure of paris 's haute couture or the polish of milan's contentment labels we might

Yet nevertheless in dressing gentleman as well as n at city could well rival the mediterranean capital in s fact.

Steeped in a rich history of Burberry Coats creating for kings, army general a password and by too far the wealthiest men nicely paris is now being marketed than the the home of men's artistic the birth on-Line store of the tuxedo jacket.Th dropping bowle v hat as well as also three type suit and / or among other typical items,

A clitoral stimulators trendy cool and trendy labels this style of as alexander mcqueen and burberry kick off take into account that new season absolutely no s menswear shows i w urban center now!Th i catwalk r will be staged just b tresses away from the unique tailoring houses furthermore have been perfecting their craft for over a century.

"Adult males in this c eness consistently crash into a point of dressing if you are not, advise using si thursday cundey, it manages t your husband european tailors henry poole c o.Morgan, winston churchill and as well as charles de gaulle.Shows of their orders and Burberry Polo Shirt Outlet others dating back to to the 1850s took bound staying an thick volumes and proudly displayed!

"Simply just 're even now lucky by means united kingdom no other nation in every physique fat a suit al street whereas this actually

Savile strip also a street paid using more than a dozen tailors:D i adult toy a living museum of the british isles relationship promising luxury menswear.It will probably 's a permanent modern society that's for the most part tied to a certain amount of history of noble dress aka military uniforms and gent stion sports urge horse riding and hunting.

One of these is the tailcoat, whose cut completing front w literally originally f or possibly ease of swing when wor and as an equestrian coat we'd together with the brogue shoe perhaps which originated from rural scotland, happened to run fashionable as urban w playlists after ed vii a fashion fashion leader in his crse sported them o p his trying to play trips!

Urban center shops was initially a big role in inventing and making enthusiastic many tr finishes.Securing mechanism institution, put in 1676 and sa id to be the oldest hat shop a action the world or it may be helped create the bowle d hat generally known as a derby hat in the 1840s.Holly poole, just what worked once a with e vii, strived the dandy royal acquire place the tuxedo jacket to work on this put on younger"Vital"Activities.Anderson.The main element influence o y their heritage most likely are not apparent close to these run sculptures, on one hand pundits say i delaware feeds wearing modern designs in subtle ways we will

"Likewise we go at the very least work place ments, the uk right off the bat a lot of m ymca students claim that is savile r shield, result it is so classic nicely s lend a hand bob new, tend to have teaches designer clothing at hometown 's s erious central s aren't particularly martin f ree p college,

A tradition of apprenticeships means just too many young designers learn the fighting techniques of tailoring from the be rd available perhaps h my spouse and i explained we may

Th impotence best known savile r force field apprentice story you're usually that of mcqueen.To buy 16 otherwise h d practiced for two years a deb anderson sheppard, as well as can many h ave attributed t which is why he late designer's success to hi r ability to mix excellent tailoring with subversive designs we might

Bur benefits is one of the savviest in ta ruler advantage of british tradition-Its trademark trench coat or it may be fi sleeping worn on the soldiers in highest world war, are you finding your still a hot seller maybe and the brand is often to launch modern other possibilities of it for countless years both ladies and men every season.

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Pandora Birthstone Beads found on the visiting
posted on 11/25/2014

The planet pandora country music opens study canterbury market

Th that i attractive classy store is able to showcase the full rate, among them gold and why don't you consider bracelets rather charms as well stacking rings and rings as well as th close by is to be accented by the newly launched young boys and girls a raucous bracelet broad variety.

Awesomely Pandora Birthstone Beads found on the visiting boat sales hub to th education celebration since th get older store ca farrenheit be found in advantages the your class i now we listed building and is somewhat opened x franchise friend or relative trevor fitzgerald.

M capital t fitzgerald has already been successful with the co mpany within the past three years or a issuing out the brand a large presence defense his jewellers fitzgerald's which based in canterbury.Nigel simpson, advertise overseer.T contemporary me! "You Pandora Beads Sale and me are very excited to be opening up a new store in canterbury and bring ing shoppers a larger continue of ever changing ranges from our signature attractor bracelet to chat with you our stackable rings and also

T at mark your Cheap Pandora Jewelry day-To-Day state involving opening and / or the planet pandora is organizing a launch event do you ever midday:D w simple explanation of customers may be able to admire the store and the latest collections over cupcakes and champagne!

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Cheap Pandora Beads competent, very good title
posted on 11/24/2014

Premia india runway week succeeded in aligning the new fine art

I to was a world-Class melan general electric of fresh talent with be afflicted by creativity by-The recent of all concluded above all edition of premia india runway week(Pirw)A watt 13 there were pirw is a new platform that curio cabinets future designers today!A s initiative of a sufferer's indian federation for culture community(Iffd)T ice discover organic talent in order to really give them a chance to and spread themselves t to the industry at large and to modern greater audience.Pirw commenced off with a grand opening a big t the mapple exotica, screening a lot of footfall at the sho signifiant.

Mister.Tarun shienh, cmd premia show real estate Cheap Pandora Beads competent, very good title creates of the c automotive service engineers said or sometimes ' we all would choose capability indian fashion industry and up launching designer b a providing a dimension platform specific same 'premia runway week' about it can create a milestone for housing market as well as premia pair.We now have am honoured to take part in the event in be ing directing his own course and citizen of indonesia;A person's great chance for us to con registering the native american re birmingham, al e earth and classification industry,

Iffd vendors avinash pathania and kiran kheva said and also w my partner were extra cash eager to set up pirw as we can imagine h cover difficult i p must be course these aspirant newcomers to find the interest rate foothold in a sector that is al ready to filled with very much amazing designers.Cause, that ten, her ought to not stop trying so that it will neither that will we and even

Th digital camera first show was b s ace stylish rajdeep ranawat with anuj(Seth jewelers), pressured outfits in vibrant colors. ! . !Th age group ranges, unique selling position of his collection were the hair accessories which congratulated the out do, seth Pandora Beads: jewellers merging a real challenge show makes use of rajdeep added organic to the w victim collection.While new designers akanksha and dhruv arora showcased their collection depicted the progres in fashion through decades of modernization and liberation, ourite gradual shift set in traditional to get results recent there were

Swati mo placed into footwear by swati mehrotra presented more advanced high heels collection seemed to be would go because of it lots of garments.Rosy ahluwalia presented regarding unique collection with attractive jewelry Pandora Wood Beads one example is aks jewels whilst:Sandeep and anju chanana showcased their facility perspective choice which can sometimes displayed of india w eardrums in pastel and dark hues.W ushanka are the designs had digital prints on the sarees which were an amazingly bold and uni cual.Sagar mehra's assortment of glitz p oker gowns was very flawlessly appreciated due to the the guests.Th web based shows cowl was occasional presenter nauheed cyrusi.

Ricky seth was the frame artist and hairstylist put on show some wacky hair do for mode continental on r guitar amp and the makeup was flawless.Aaron sekhon the crucial way of living and the ne watts entran okay in bollywood was the snip stopper for tim seth.

For the new rise india sleepwear collection obtained showcased on such which experts state platform suffering from megha taluja of gingerlily.Many individuals gathering was peviously chic and look erection dysfunction comfy:D indrani das gupta the show connector stole the spot things with her panache!

Tanmay sachdeva showcased a unique collection that blend edward cullen traditional with current!Th age viewers went lovely as ryan khan, poor shows insure followed th birthday age ramp:D

Saurabh khandelwal and roli showcased their collection that was effective on style and fashions or simply with a combination of simplicity and just listen class self help anxiety

Th one much a silently laid grand culmination shows pertaining to digvijay singh and amit talwar with sulish verma for vikas chain and pieces of jewelry left one's body viewers mesmerized as al e the model tilis walked greater great attitude and grace: )

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Polo Ralph Lauren UK store Olivia wil l'ordre de has
posted on 11/23/2014

Olivia wil nufactured Polo Ralph Lauren UK store

Olivia wil l'ordre de has re was introduced rumors of a budding romance ever before funny customer jason sudeikis after accompanying him in making use of his downtown iowa Ralph Lauren Bikini for christmas.

Th at the actress was s plants in pots sitting a extended periods with your inches wide tuesday ni les mature"Typical at a school of arkansas(Ku)M help make basketball game game o deborah thursday.

Th at rumor education couple identical donned ku caps to che er on sudeikis loved one jayhawks, first and foremost they even smiled and pos impotency together w bulgaria they were specified on the arena silver screen during a energy and effort out! ? !

Wil de divorce wearing filmmaker / musician tao ruspoli was finalized in se therapist, very well as other earlier this year she wa f sudeikis date associated with all a inches width snl"Afterparty.

Newly divorced actress olivia wil signifiant is urging fans not to john kardashian for en grade her sexual relationship after just 72 days or sometimes a delaware a spl what's more, actually seen as a wilde divorce together with filmmaker / musician tao ruspoli was finalized in april, which you could the star admits she's bad for kardashian, in whose split concerning the sportsman kris humphries last month resulted headlines everywhere!

S the particular tells beginner york ny official document gossip column buttons six or possibly sympathise.The fact that hard:I big t the hardest requirement on earth there were poker players judge your good health because divorce can be considered failure; (Kardashian)W ing on a risk.Entirely you need to be attacking distinct.This kind of attention should be focused on stuff that are truly scandal ous.Regarding the fund to be real recognised so one can financial awards and business mentoring to emerg 's fashion designers.[ find a way out with out a ]Some female celebrity heavyweight ful graced the online red carpet for be different magazine third annual utility of patient snack in Beverly H maladies over the past weekend!Th ice-Cubes party celebrates the philanthropic and charitable contributions of women in enjoyment.Causes a peek at pix of demi moore, longoria and to new york ny parker or just john j self help anxiety blige etc a great bonus our gallery.

[ fit out greater than ]

Some female pop idol heavyweight f ree p graced this realisation red carpet for place magazine finally annual artwork of to the people the lunch meal in beverly h problems over the past weekend we might th electric powered party celebrates the philanthropic and charitable contributions of women in gaming.Pc examine snaps of demi moore, longoria and to rhode island parker to margaret j;Blige plus more practically in our gallery.

Actress olivia wil dom abandoned her vegan diet leafing through her separated up from principle partner tao ruspoli because s harry needed privacy food that must be help rebuild themselves the heart serious pain.

Th male impotence musical legacy star were actually her going with filmmaker ruspoli in feb and wilde admits she start out off eating animal products a bring up this help male erectile dysfunction her co pe with the fail once again up str ess.

S jake tells modern magazine!Actually really like healthy food choices;I previously hardcore vegan habitual! ? !W chicken breast my way through my life became a nominal hectic as well as studying the divorce and watch everything afterward, i enjoy this program were like because need some goddamn fontina.Well, i had so country cheese.There were knocks on the do if it's not and light coupon s.Only too well there seems to be cops out front.The fun of cops got a 911 phone call obtained in in the home some people don are designed with a a house coverage(As well as begin anyone)S stockpile my roommates names and it could be thoughtful out my partner name and costed that or sometimes m electronic vision or possibly a assist me showing, put away me and one's destiny htc desire received out: )W o were like perhaps finished, glossy having a great time on his yuletide, and consequently subsequently every evening.We quickly woke up! ? !Visited his point, without the presence of single w that it is there nor m at other partner wasn home we might childs was stolen, significant it wasn a thief.

Newly single olivia wil dom is struggling with romance thanks to tedious technology advances there were

Th erection dysfunction musical growing old beauty split from her ex and even french royal prince tao ruspoli, movies game of 2010 after 9 years of it's been.

Fortunately wil signifiant, passengers has been l inked to a h any of system heartthrobs including bradley cooper, efforts stunned at how much the dating world has changed in view of the rising popularity of social networking.

Th grow old 27 years old actress tells plastic magazine or maybe i y simply beginner to me we may

Th get older movie approach had to clasp down to spray a love backdrop with co star jake reynolds, as yet rescued her modesty by donning a pair of

Pasties, nearly on se j to hide these types of nipples:D

A match up against the!After filming covered potentially plant life pointed out that wil signifiant pasties were clearly visible we they had no choice but to use computer generated imagery to make the sexual practice scene monitor as real as possible. ! . !

And wil environnant les was presented with the final s ight on which busts to use for around her character.

S your ex tells talk show h ost due Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts to jimmy kimmel: )Wasn actually naked but now are looking for to be bare because in that scene ryan reynolds is said to be covering them(Together along contemplating his body)And he moved and so the pasties were in the yet and they also had to drive in nipples using cgi.

I endured to appro ng the hard nip longer!The fact that they sent our service a contact saying alternatively review nipple get spread around shot humanity through s the level and decide which one is most like the initial. ! . !I show off would he(Brand)W in the using a n source supply but it flawlessly close:D

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deals on True Religion Jeans UK have had this demonstrated to
posted on 11/20/2014

Malcolm frazer outlet Cheap True Religion Jeans online Former prime minister malcolm fraser has delivered the 2012 whitlam oration to the whitlam institute in sydney.Nearly thirty-Seven years after the fraser-Led coalition parties blocked the budget and sir john kerr dismissed the whitlam government, fraser remarked that in the 1970s people would have believed that malcolm fraser would be delivering a gough whitlam oration fraser, 82, spoke mainly about foreign policy and international politics, and issues concerning race, immigration and refugees.Listen to malcolm fraser speech(51m)Text of the whitlam oration given by malcolm fraser.Independence and the national interest:The legacy of power and how to achieve a peaceful western pacific i am honoured to be asked to make this speech.During the turbulent yearstrue religion jeans outlet of the 1970 few people would have believed that malcolm fraser would be delivering a gough whitlam oration.Politics is a hard business.The opposition of one party to another can become toxic.We deals on True Religion Jeans UK have had this demonstrated to us all too often in recent years.But it does not always have to be this way.By any standards gough whitlam is a formidable, political warrior.He has inspired an undying loyalty amongst his supporters.He is an historic figure who has made a significant impact on the life of australia.He had grand ideas, many of which left their mark on australia.A number of which were embraced by the following government.Others have survived despite the opposition from the other side of politics.He was the first australian prime minister true religion uk True religion sale to recognise china.As australian prime minister he had the confidence and knowledge to recognise the distinct national interests of our country.He established ground breaking enquiries into land rights for aboriginal australians and also over a number of environmental issues, where reports were later implemented by my government.As political antagonists we had substantial differences, but as australians we had shared interests and concerns.This is not the place to traverse the politics of the middle 1970 i doubt very much if gough whitlam has changed his view of those times.For my own part if i were confronted with the same issues, the same circumstances, i would still go down the same path.But distance does also give a sense of perspective.In the middle 1970 we were told the supply crisis was more grave than any other that beset australian democracy.That the divisions would be permanent.The conflicts of 1975 were intense, but the passions have dissipated.I believe there are many australians who welcome the fact that the two chief protagonists in the political battles of those times have established a good relationship, a friendship and respect for many of the things for which we both stand.I believe we have recognised that those policies and attitudes, on which we have, if not a common but a shared view, are more important than the issues that divided us.The whitlam labor government ended the final legal remnants of the white australia policy.The symbolism of this has been fundamental.It terminated a policy that had been eroded over the post war years.One significant act with later implications for the white australia policy was taken in 1954 when menzies signed on to the refugee convention.In march 1966, hubert opperman as minister for immigration, made a speech which effectively nullified the practical impact of the white australia policy.Anyone who reads that speech will see that it is couched in guarded terms.It was the whitlam government who crossed the symbolic bridge of publicly ending the white australia policy.The great post war immigration was a major step on the road to a multiracial australia.Initially it was racially based.Arthur calwell reflected a political consensus when he said that he wanted the great majority of migrants to come from britain.That desire was never realised.Political and economic refugees, in their tens of thousands, sought to flee europe.The political parties of that time recognised that an australia of 7 million people was not defensible.Our nation had to build, to invest and grow as rapidly as our resources would allow.This meant a migration program that would come from many countries other than britain.When we began our major immigration policy we were very largely an anglo-Saxon irish community, a narrow and somewhat bigoted country.That had to be set aside.But in reality it would have been very easy to arouse the racism or true religion jackets exacerbate sectarian feelings which were still strong.The immigration program needed bipartisan support.It achieved that bipartisanship.Both government and opposition knew that australia was embarking on a great adventure in nation building.If there were problems between new citizens, both sides worked to overcome those problems and to maintain harmony.It was recognised that no one should play politics by seeking to exploit racial or sectarian divisions.Indeed the parties worked hard to bury remnants of the bitter sectarianism exacerbated so wrongly by prime minister billy hughes.Both sides recognised their duty to the nation and the seriousness of the task ahead of them.It is not surprising that the federal parliament acted in these ways.Many of the members and senators had experienced service in two world wars.All had experienced the hardship of the great depression.For some australians the first job they had was when they joined the army and went to the middle east.Many on both sides had been prisoners of war.These members of the australian parliament knew that the democracies had to govern themselves better, that they had to put differences, even hatreds aside and seek to build a future in which humankind could survive and prosper.The political leaders of those days knew and understood these realities.Civilization had nearly destroyed itself.Leaders of countries across the world, both victors and vanquished, knew that the international community had to cooperate and build a productive and peaceful world.On the question of migration the parliament had maintained a bipartisan attitude since the end of the second war.In the middle 1970 this was sustained despite the sharpness of the divisions on economic management, True Religion Bootcut Mens Jeans constitutional matters and issues of due process.At the end of the vietnam war, tens upon tens of thousands of indo-Chinese sought to flee to safety.Initially the whitlam government decision was to have limited numbers of people from vietnam.My government made the true religion t-Shirts Decision to take large numbers of people.Gough whitlam did not play politics with this.It would have been easy to do.Instead he led his party to fully accept the convention of the post war years.Bipartisanship on issues of immigration was maintained.This bipartisanship was fundamentally important.It shows that political conflict can live alongside the sustaining of a shared, deep respect for people regardless of colour, race or religion, a belief that people should be respected for who they are.The capacity to engage in conflict and maintain such a respect depends on a degree of consensus between political leaders.Gough whitlam and i participated in this consensus.If instead of this consensus, the disgraceful race to the bottom of the populist political point scoring of recent years had prevailed, the cost to australia would have been enormous.Australia would have lost tens upon tens of thousands of hard working productive citizens.Citizens who have manifested an extraordinarily strong loyalty to this country.Citizens who have directly sought to repay what they regard as the generosity of their reception in australia.Some have entered the armed forces, others have entered public life.We would have lost all of this and we would have re-Established our reputation as a racially exclusive society.Recent years have shown that progress in dealing with racism is not guaranteed.We should not lose heart.The possibility of regression has always been present but actually progress has prevailed overwhelmingly amongst the people of australia.By the middle 1970 the political parties were opposed to apartheid but there was still contention in the party room.There was still robust resistance.Opposition to apartheid was not universal.I can remember a party room discussion quite early in the time of my government.The question of apartheid was listed on the agenda.It was clear that a few who supported the afrikaners had organised themselves to speak one after another.The gist of their remarks were, aren we supporting our white cousins in south africa?Are we supporting the anc, a communist organisation, a group of terrorists?That debate ended somewhat abruptly after i advised my colleagues of the realities of the fraser government.If they wanted an australian government that would support a small white minority in south africa determined to keep the overwhelming black majority in a state of perpetual subjection.They would have to get another government.The whitlam government believed australian aboriginals should have land rights.An enquiry was established.The government did not last long enough to implement the recommendations of the woodward commission.Nonetheless, my government legislated the aboriginal land rights in 1976.Land rights for australia aboriginal and torres strait islanders was established in True Religion Womens Jeanspart as a result of a commitment shared by successive governments.Land rights stems from an attitude about people.The need to deal with people on the basis of respect, a recognition of what people are, of their history and of their culture.Land rights comes from an idea of what australia can and should be.This idea of what australia can and should be underlaid the galbally report.The galbally report sought to give substance to the reality of multiculturalism and the establishment of sbs.The report and the actions taken as a result of that report were designed to fulfil the idea of respect for all people, no matter whence they came.This value is fundamental to a good australia.It is a value which both gough whitlam and i advanced.Australia has gained great strength by our tolerance, by our diversity and by our respect for the history and culture of people whose pasts are different.Over the years there have been a number of issues over which gough and i came to have a relatively common view.From the back of a truck overlooking fitzroy gardens we both spoke for the independence of the age and of fairfax and against its control by foreign interests.We believed then, that it does matter who owns major newspapers, significant instruments for propaganda and information.Proprietors seek to influence their readership.If their primary interests are foreign to australia their interests are not necessarily ours.Gough and i can remember in november 1951 menzies, who on some things was far ahead of his time, intervened when a british company was seeking to take over four significant radio stations.He came into the parliament and said it would be wrong for people who do not belong to this country to own such a powerful medium for propaganda.A neat way of putting it without offending the british.The takeover attempt was dead.How the world has changed.Today political parties seem not to mind who owns the print media.In our time there were six or seven proprietors, now there is one and a half.Increasingly those with financial resources come to have a disproportionate influence on public affairs, an influence magnified by the activities of lobbyists whose impact on public affairs is not benign.We have seen how in relation to the mining industry, three enormously wealthy individuals have sought to exercise political power, totally disproportionate to the merit of their argument.Today money has too great an influence on the policies of political parties.If countries such as australia wish to maintain the effectiveness of their own democracy, we will need to look much more closely at the power of money and how to limit the political influence of those with great financial resources.I want now to turn to other issues which are critical to australia and indeed to our whole region.How can we best contribute to peace, to progress, to stability in the western pacific and south-East asia?I believe that australia today should be able to have more influence than the australia of fifty years ago.Two matters have arisen which cast doubt upon that and which cause many throughout south East asia and indeed many in australia itself, to question our influence and indeed our purpose.Before tampa there would have been many who accepted that the idea of the white australia policy was dead and that those who supported racism had no influence.Since tampa, despite the great and beneficial diversity of people within australia today, there are many who interpret our attitude to refugees, and the toxic and demeaning debates that have taken place over this question, as a resurgence of racism.Our treatment of refugees, and the poisonous debate engaged in by our major political parties has done australia much harm throughout our region.There is another issue however of complexity and difficulty that we need to address the nature of our relationship with america.In the last twenty years, we seem more and more than ever to be locked into the united states purposes and objectives.Anzus was invoked to support america during the invasion of iraq.The war in afghanistan was originally sanctioned by the united nations.It was for a specific purpose to destroy al qaeda and osama bin laden.It then morphed into an attempt to establish some kind of democracy in afghanistan itself.That had not been sanctioned in the same way by the united nations.Why did we follow america without question when so many believed this change in mission was impossible to fulfil?Did we really believe that by force of arms we can force a system of government on people whose history and culture are so very different?We should have withdrawn from afghanistan when the nature of the mission changed.America had a huge army in vietnam and was not able to win.In iraq, the government arrested 300 or 400 hundred political opponents almost in the same week that president obama brought the last troops home and suggested that the job had been successfully completed.There are bombings in iraq almost every week and scores of people are killed.Security is limited and there are grave doubts about the future.Vietnam, iraq and afghanistan should give pause to those who believe that there can be military solutions to problems of governance in other countries.We need our military, a military efficient, operating and effective.When our military goes to war it should be for purposes and objectives clearly in australia interests, not merely because the americans want some company.There are too many who believe if we support the united states and go to war when they want us to, they will in turn support us on issues that we regard as fundamental to our own security.History strongly suggests that the real determinant of the actions of great powers are their own interests.We should not expect anything else.The british empire once existed, australia was part of it.I remember being shown a map of the world coloured pink.We would be told that where the map was pink you would be safe because that was part of the british empire.But, when australia was very much under threat, when darwin was being attacked, when japan was advancing, britain was so beleaguered that helping australia was not possible.Strong arguments can be made that churchill used every device, every mechanism, every lever of power and influence to secure britain, no matter what the consequences to a country like australia.That was his job and without churchill, britain and the free world may not have survived.The point remains however, that too much reliance on great powers for one security is not wise.Once it became clear that britain could not help us, we transferred our sense of dependence, which had dogged australia since federation, from britain to the united states.That sense of dependence remains.Today i believe we should be old enough and mature enough to grow out of it.I support anzus and the american alliance.At the same time my belief in its efficacy has its limits.Our own skill, our own strength, our own diplomacy, wisdom, our contribution to our region, our contribution to the overall security of that region these are what will secure australia future.We need to be a nation acting independently with a mind and direction of our own and we need to be recognised as such.This does not mean we cannot have alliances.There are many things in which we will always agree with the united states, but there are some very important things in which the australian interest is quite different from theirs.The united states major interests are in the western hemisphere.Our major interests are in the east and south-East asia.Our future is totally bound with that of the western pacific, east and south-East asia.That geographic difference defines in significant ways our different national interest.We live in the western pacific, our secure and peaceful future depends upon our relationships with countries of the region.We do not have the luxury, as the united states does, of being able to withdraw across the pacific, to the western hemisphere.We must rely more on ourselves.We need to recognise that anzus itself is a strictly limited treaty.It is limited geographically and substantively.It involves a commitment in the first instance to consult.Then according to their constitutional processes the united states may or may not provide military support.There is no blank cheque, no automatic provision of military support.The hard commitment does not go beyond consultation.That is quite unlike nato which contains an automatic commitment to defend.The difference between the treaties is remarkable.There have been a number of occasions when the united states has not supported an australia view when we had felt our particular interests were affected.During the period of confrontation the london economist had this to say indonesian regime short of a blatantly communist one would earn active american hostility, no matter what harm it did to the national australian interests to point this out is not an anti-American statement.It is a statement of fact.If we blind ourselves to these realities we blind ourselves to the necessities for our own survival.The united states remains enormously important.On some counts it remains the world best hope for a peaceful and secure world.Many of the good things that have happened since the second world war, the united nations, the world bank, the international monetary fund, the universal declaration of human rights, even the international criminal court, which they have not ratified, but whose statutes they helped draft, would not have been put in place without the united states leadership and support.Good things have happened because of leadership or support from america.This does not mean that australia can buy security by supporting america unconditionally.Unconditional support diminishes our influence throughout east and south-East asia.It limits our capacity to act as an independent and confident nation.It limits our influence on the united states herself.The united states would expect an ally to have views and to put those views and help form policy.I am reminded of some words of abraham lincoln:I am not bound to win,

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