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Rosalynn & Tristan
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Rosalynn Jewell Xinke Turner
Tristan Alexander Turner

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How tall will Tristan be when he grows up?
5' 3" like Mommy
5' 6"
5' 9"
Six feet even
6' 2" like Daddy
Taller than Daddy


Welcome to our website!  We have adopted a wonderful little girl from China, Rosalynn Jewell, which this website was made especially for her.  It has now been updated to include our new addition, Tristan Alexander.  From this day further, this site will be dedicated to both of our wonderful children.

After 4 months of paperchasing, from August to December 2005, we waited 2 years to get our match from China on 12/7/2007.  We then traveled 1/17/2008 through 1/31/2008 to adopt Rosalynn.  Rosalynn was 14 months old when we brought her home.

In late 2008, we decided that it was time to add a second child to our family.  After a pregnancy lasting 40 weeks and 2 days, Tristan was born on 9/21/2009...a healthy 9 lbs and 20.5 inches.

Hope you enjoy the updates and keeping up with the Turners!  You can reach this site by one of the following addresses:, or

Alex & Jessica

Did you know... There were 6,520 adoptions from China to the US in 2006. 10/31/2007 more fun facts
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February is halfway over ... where did January go?  In the past few weeks, the kids have gotten to play in the snow and outside on playgrounds without coats.  That is Atlanta weather for you.  Tristan is growing like a weed and last week, he measured 29 pounds on the scale.  He'l ...