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Anxiety and Stress relief for nursing
posted on 06/26/2017

Are you working in the health profession?

Is it a daily struggle to cope with stress and anger management?

Do you need additional help?

Most health professionals know what it means when you are struggling with a demanding workload and at times there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. But there is help in the form of this new book.

Inside the pages of the insightful resource, you will find lots of tips, advice and strategies to help you cope with:

Ungrateful patients

Over demanding family members

Heavy workloads

Long working hours

Bad management

Suitable for nurses, caregivers and other health care workers this book centers on using Thought Field Therapy (also known as EFT Tapping) to release Negative Energy Blocks.

The Thought Field Therapy technique is approved and recognized as an Evidence Based Treatment and is proven to help people just like you when it comes to dealing with the demands and stresses involved in health care.

Get your copy today! It will make all the difference to you as you cope with the increasing demands on your time and sanity.

Anxiety, Stress relief, nursing, caregivers.

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First Time Anal Toys Review: The Best Sex Toys for First Time Anal Play 🎉 50% LESS + FREEBIES
posted on 06/25/2017  The Best First Time Anal Sex Toy for First Time Anal Play! All available today at Adam and Eve. Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘COED’ to get 50% Discount on any 1 item, FREE Mystery Gift, FREE Hot DVDs and FREE Shipping all over USA! LIMITED offer only - BUY NOW!

❣ Booty Call Booty Beads

- Made from premium silicone, this anal sex toy beads naturally heats-up to body temperature quickly and flexible enough together with your body movement. This measures 4 3/4 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide.

❣ Adam and Eve Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

- This vibrator has enlarged tip for easier Anal Stimulation. This toy also features it's 3 levels of vibration speeds that will curl up on your toes. The tip measures 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long.   

👌 Adam and Eve's Triple Satisfaction Guarantee Policy 👌

✅ No Hassle 90 Days Return

✅ Discreet Billing and Shipping

✅ Money Back Guarantee


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18 Inch Riffle Dual Ended Dildo for Doubled Penetration and Pleasure!
posted on 06/25/2017  Use the Coupon Code FIRST50 to get 50% OFF most item + FREE shipping, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Bonus DVDs. Again, that’s FIRST50 at the checkout!

An 18 Inch Two Way Dildo – This is no joke!

If you’d ever think of being inside on another at the same time The 18 Inch Ripple Double Dildo is the way to go! But its not just for couples play, you could also explore with some solo play -- Double Ended Solo Play, Double Penetration because it’s so flexible. It gives you a lot of option with different positions.

It is made from rubber and make sure to use a water based lube.

Buy Now Click HERE:

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5 Crazy Sex Toys! Weird Bizarre Funny Unusual Glow in the Dark Sex Toys
posted on 06/24/2017

 Get a 50% OFF discount now on almost any item, Free Discreet Shipping on your entire order, a Free Mystery Gift, and a couple of lovely things. All of these you’ll get when you enter Coupon Code ‘50OFFNOW’ at the checkout at ! This is a YouTube only offer. But you better hurry because this code won’t last forever.

Scarlet Couture Glass Duo Balls

Sex toys can be a little weird. Talk a walk on the wild side with me as I share some truly unreal sex toys. I start out on the safe side with the Scarlet Couture Glass Duo Balls! These beautiful glass balls feel amazing and are great for vaginal health.

Enjoy Stronger Os & Toe-Curling Temperature Play!

Firefly Pleasure Plug

Love a good butt plug? I’ve got a brand new anal plug that glows in the dark! The Firefly PLeasure Plug will put the pressure in all the right places back there. There are two sizes of the butt plug so you can start out small and then go a bit larger.

Turn Down The Lights For Glow-In-The-Dark Butt Fun!

Lucidity Skye Clit Vibe

Need a good clit vibrator and a lightsaber? You never knew you needed it, but you do! The Lucidity Sky Clit Vibe is a flexible vibrator that has twinkling lights that is like going to a disco! You’ll enjoy the lightshow along with the excellent clitoral stimulation. AH!

Twinkling LED Vibe Lights Up Your Sex Life!

Adam & Eve Bendable Butterfly

The lovely butterfly vibrator, a truly unique female vibrator that is a pretty pink sex toy. If you like the rabbit vibrator because you get both g spot and clitoral stimulation, the Bendable Butterfly is just the toy for you! Pop it on and turn it up!

Powerful, Customizable Butterfly Makes You Explode!

Scandal Over The Door Cross

Finally, got to let my freak flag proudly fly! The Scandal Over the Door Cross is the next bit of bondage gear you need. Strap your partner to the door and tickle and tease them. This durable and fun bdsm restraint system is super easy to use and will take your kinky bondage play to the next level of pleasure. Woah!

That was a lot of adult toys. Want to get one or more for yourself? Go to and take 50% OFF! Yep, just enter promo code: 50OFFNOW at checkout for FREE Shipping and a FREE Mystery Gift. Get a discount sex toy and spice up ya life!

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Dr. Dickmann's Signature Vibrator Move | Episode 10
posted on 06/24/2017

Session 10: Sarah Helps...?

Sex therapist and gay whisperer, Dr. Sarah Dickmann's (played by Maxie Solters) back with an old friend, Kenny. Also, her very Jewish mother stops by to give her opinion as well. The group argue the benefits of sex therapy and use of vibrators and other sex toys. As we know, Sarah Dickmann's game is all about introducing patients to new, exciting vibrators. Hilarity follows. Enjoy!

Dr. Dickmann's gay assistant just can't get enough. Is he with the stripper dude now? How's that working out?

Like what you see? Subscribe for more Climax! If you liked the episode, tell me so! I love comments. Be sure to check out every episode in this funny web series.

Does a vibrator appeal to something deep inside you? Visit and enter promo code: CLIMAX at checkout and you'll get 50% OFF your new sex toy & FREE shipping! Oh, and just because you're amazing, A&E will throw in a mystery gift!

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SVETT - lose my way (feat Haugsand)
posted on 06/24/2017

Svett is a norwegian electronic music collective.

we do not follow trends.

we follow our hearts

svett, house, edm, progressive, disco, electronic, lose my way, haugsand, norway, norwegian giants, beats, svettmusic, norwegian, den gode, krogh, aliens, area 51, ufo, stanley cupid, cupid.

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AdamandEve Thruster Rabbit Vibrator Review | Thrusting Vibrator
posted on 06/23/2017

The Adam and Eve Thruster is a thrusting rabbit vibrator. All-New Amazing Vibrator Thrusts Up 'n' Down! USB Rechargeable with  7-Function Multi-speed Ergonomic Hypoallergenic Waterproof Silicone Vibrator.  Use Coupon Code SCORE50 and you will get 50% OFF on ANY single item with FREE Discreet Shipping, a FREE Mystery Gift at the checkout.

This is a breathtaking Thruster! The combination between the rabbit and the thrusting sensation really gives you an out of this world orgasms.

The 7-function, multi- speed vibrator made to give constant thrusting motions. It has a unique thruster motor inside that moves the shaft up and down. And it is ergonomically designed for a more lifelike feeling and stimulation.

And the good thing about the Adam and Eve Thruster is, it’s USB rechargeable, waterproof and molded from hypoallergenic  silicone.

So, get ready for the world’s first thrusting silicone vibrator! Go to, grab AdamandEve Thruster now and fell in love with the thrusting sensations every night!

rabbit Vibrator, AdamandEve Thruster Rabbit, Vibrator Review, Thrusting Vibrator, thrusting silicone vibrator, thrusting vibrator, Tina, Sillicone Rabbit Vibrator, Rechargeable Rabbir.

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Why Jody Just Why
posted on 06/23/2017

Why Jody Just Why


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