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Baby Blueberry
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Due Date 07/20/2010
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Welcome to our TotSite!  We have so many friends and family all over the country we thought we would try to keep everyone updated with a website. Blueberry, is what we have been calling the baby.  That's how big the baby was around Thanksgiving and it just kinda stuck, even though some of our tailgate friends have some other ideas.  Let us know what you think in our guestbook. You can also sign up for e-mail updates.     

Did you know... How big is baby now? 03/22/2010 more fun facts
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Only about 10 weeks left and things are just flying by.  First exciting news is that we finally settled on a name.  So Blueberry is officially Benjamin David Skeen. Nick and our friend Chris got the baby room painted and it looks great. We also have the baby bedding now so his room is lo ...
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